Hot Summer Hair Styles….

My HOTTEST summer hair style prediction is tousled locks and messy plaits. Here’s my ‘how to’-

Apply a volumising mousse to the hair and scrunch to achieve a wavy/tousled look. If your hair is dead straight curl your hair with a straightener, apply hairspray all over then brush out so that the curl is gone and all that is left is a wave. You can also do this for very curly hair it will smooth out the hair a bit.  Products like Salty dog and Surf Wax are great for adding texture and that beachy look.

The plaits that look the best are fishtail plaits, however a normal plait will look good too.

Either toss the entire mass of hair over one shoulder and messily plait, or take a section at the front and plait around the face leaving the rest of the hair out. If your plait is looking too neat get a fine tooth comb and pick small strands out to mess it up a bit and pull gently on different sections of the plait to loosen it a bit.

Watch here for a  fishtail plait tutorial.