If you haven’t got a red lipstick you need to get one. Red lips come part and parcel with the seasonal make-up trend that has us all embracing bright lip colour. Leighton Meester and Ashley Olsen are regular wearers of red lippy not to mention Sienna Miller, Mishca Barton, January Jones, Angelina Jolie and many many more hollywood celebs.

Tips for choosing the best red lippy –

*Buy a moisturising lipstick, there is nothing worse than cracked and crusty red lips. The moisture will keep your lips looking full and shiny.

* Try a red that is more blue based than orange based. Orange based reds have a tendency to make your teeth look yellower than they should. Blue based reds or ‘cool’ reds suit more skin tones and complexions than their warmer counterparts.

Clinique High Impact Lip colour in red-y-to wear is a luscious rich red. It offers an spf factor of 15 and is also moisturising. I would definitely recommend this red to everyone.