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Now that we are well and truly into the New Year (and boy is it flying by), it is time to not only look back and appreciate the hair crazes of 2016, but also look at 2017’s hair trend predictions from some of the hair industry’s most respected experts. They’ve used their many years of knowledge to give us the low down on the cuts, styles and colours you’ll be requesting off your hairdresser in the year of 2017.


Taking a look back, 2016 was the year of bleach, bobs, braids and textured hair according to our experts.


Lauren McCowan, Creative Director at Haircare Australia & Evo Ambassador, believed that “the celebration and enhancement of individual texture was the hero trend throughout 2016 and one that isn’t going anywhere any time soon”. She claims “bringing out the best of what you already have instead of heating and forcing the hair to do something different gave an effortless cool to the top hair trends around the world”.
One trend that stood out to majority of the hair experts last year was the ‘bob’ or ‘lob cut’. Justine Marjan, Celebrity Hairstylist and TRESemmé Ambassador, believes “the power lob had a huge moment when Khloe, Kendall, and Jenna Dewan cut their hair short. Kim Kardashian and Shay Mitchell also had great power lob wig moments”.




When it came to hair colour, it was all about trying new things and according to Anthony Nader, Award-winning hair stylist and owner of Anthony Nader RAW, Surry Hills, “having your hair strands bleached all over was the go – the lighter the better”. Celebrity examples for the bleached hair effect in 2016 were Khloe Kardashian, Gwen Stefanie and Miley Cyrus, and they definitely rocked it.

Neil Cleminson, Technical & Creative Director, bhave Professional Haircare describes a ‘Bronde’, as a beautiful mixture of blonde and brown shades. “For all the ladies who don’t want to commit to either a straight blonde or brunette colour” says Cleminson.

According to Remington Schulz, Pantene Hair Ambassador, grey hair and root fades were also seen as a trend.

Remington Schulz says that “letting your natural grey come through like Jamie Lee Curtis, Diane Keaton and Helen Mirren as well as colouring the hair so that it had a sharp, cool grey tone was very popular”.

Last but not least, Remington states that “root fades were also very on trend in 2016 and clients loved it because it wasn’t too costly or damaging on their hair.”



Now that 2016 has well and truly been and gone, some hairstyles will remain a ‘trend’ in 2017 according to our professionals. Neil Cleminson said “hairdressers being artistic people are always looking for new directions and angles to explore and expand their creativity. Anything from the long, super sleek cuts to the daring designer undercuts, “hybrid hair” is what I believe will be trending going forward. It’s an exciting time in the industry for creativity that knows no bounds.”

Jayne Wilde, GHD Australia and New Zealand Ambassador, can see curls, jewel adornment, extra long slick straight hair and the layered bob as the main trends for this coming year. The jewel adornment trend really stands out from any other usual cut, style or colour. Jane recommends, “embellishing the hair with jewels, flower clips, metallic crowns and glitzy diadems. They must be stand out, or be extra-large versions for maximum impact.”

Justine Marjan agrees and believes that “hair accessories and hair adornments are having a major moment and we are seeing so many creative variations using ribbon, yarn, metals, and beautiful pieces.”


Photograph: Jayne Wilde
This year there will be the return of the bob, in particular the layered bob. Jayne explains the layered bob as “shorter layers on the top, blending through to the length”. She also recommends, “adding a sweeping fringe into the mix, worn longer in length so that it can be sexy around the eyes. This look should be worn quite tousled and haphazardly, like you’ve put in minimal effort (who doesn’t love that?)”.

Anthony Nader is also a big fan of the bob in 2017 stating that “you just can’t pass a bob – This haircut comes in so many variations and it’s also a playground for your flat irons or hot tongs to experiment with.”
Lots of 70’s inspired looks will be coming in hot in 2017. Lauren McCowan claims “shags, mullets and Farrah Fawcett style fringes are being given a thoroughly modern update”. Both McCowan and Jayne Wilde predict there will be a return of the curls, Lauren says “curly hair is having a huge moment on the runways with everything from polished and defined curls to brushed out 70’s disco hair”. Jayne believes that “thick ultra-voluminous, wild hair and movement is going to be huge this season.”

That being said, I’m one very naturally curly-haired individual, and I’m thinking it could be the year for me to start embracing my natural curl!


Image from Instagram
Anthony Nader predicts that “colours will be more ‘bleed’ and ‘fused’ so the treatment you have will blend beautifully together to add dimension and enhance thickness, rather than highlights that look separated and chunky.” He says “hair colour should always enhance and showcase your complexion and facial features without steering away too much from what you naturally have. It has to look natural and this is where the bleeding/fusing technique comes into effect in the salon.”

Interesting right?
Having the privilege to work on celebrities all over the world, our trusty experts predict that celebrities will stick with the chilled out look with effortless waves and soft movement. The iconic babes such as Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and Katy Perry have already pulled off the jaw dropping bob and have even incorporated a heavy thick fringe, which acts as a major statement piece to any red carpet look.

2017 is all about the minimal effort look, because hair that is too overdone loses the ‘effortless cool’ that so many models and celebrities strive for.

So there you have it, the hair trend predictions for 2017 are now out in the open…. Happy haircuts everyone!



 When we want to find out what trends we need to know about we go to the trend makers themselves!

The experts who contributed to this article have worked on countless fashion shows, celebrities, top glossy magazines and are the ambassadors for some of the world’s best hair care brands.

Lauren McCowan, Creative Director at Haircare Australia & Evo Ambassador.


Justine Marjan, Celebrity Hairstylist and TRESemmé Ambassador.



Anthony Nader, Award-winning hair stylist and owner of Anthony Nader RAW, Surry Hills

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 Remington Schulz, Pantene Hair Ambassador


 Neil Cleminson, Technical & Creative Director, bhave Professional Haircare



Jayne Wilde, GHD Australia and New Zealand Ambassador


Written by Laura Harriss