Here’s Why You Should Try Quitting Sugar

If you’re not aware by now that the health world is at war with sugar, what tropical island have you been lazing on?

Once so rare and valuable it was used as currency, sugar has taken over mainstream diets and it’s hard to navigate the supermarket, restaurant menus and particularly fast food without coming across it in abundance. Even if you avoid sweet foods, there’s a good chance that you’re eating more sugar than you realise if you’ve picked up something from a packet.

More and more people are turning to a life without the sweet stuff and boasting about the benefits it has on both their inner and outer health. You can find a lot of useful books, forums and even whole websites dedicated to sugar-free lifestyles and tips to really break your habit.

If it seems at all extreme to cut out sugar completely, there’s a few things you should consider. Firstly, sugar is highly addictive. In fact, studies have shown that it’s more addictive than cocaine. Unlike cocaine, however, sugar is very easy to obtain and present in a lot of foods you don’t necessarily consider to be an indulgent snack.

Secondly, foods often considered healthy – yoghurt, granola, muesli bars, protein bars, dates, soups, even bananas – contain a lot of sugar. Even if a food is high in natural fructose sugars, your body still treats it like regular sugar so it needs to be consumed in moderation.

I’m all about enjoying everything in moderation but considering the facts, your body can really benefit from a sugar hiatus and giving up completely for a while will give you a better understanding of how much sugar the foods you love have. When your sugar cravings are gone and you’ve broken all of your sweet snack related habits, you can slowly reintroduce treats and new healthy habits.

If you’re considering giving it a go, here’s what to expect:


  • Your skin will hate you, then love you harder than it ever has before – A lot of people experience breakouts as they’re detoxing from sugar but in the long run your skin will be clearer and look more plump thanks to the restoration of normal sugar levels in your bloodstream.


  • You’ll feel fatigued but eventually have a lot more energy – Sugar is a simple carb so it’s digested really quickly by your body giving you a spike of energy then leaving you to ride the low. Without it, your body will initially feel fatigued and be signalling you to pick up a sweet treat but when it becomes accustomed to going without, it will rebalance and you can fill it will complex carbs that keep you fuller for longer.


  • You’ll drop excess weight and belly fat pretty quickly – Sugar gets metabolised as fat in your body and is the cause of excess rolls and stubborn belly jiggle. When you change your habits and begin eating healthy fats and complex carbs, your insulin levels will reduce and help food to be absorbed as energy rather than stored as fat.


  • You’ll reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and plenty of other health conditions.

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