Here’s Why You Should Start Looking After The Skin Around Your Eyes

Whether or not eye creams are potent little powerhouses or an irrelevant waste of money is a big debate in the beauty industry. There are a lot of very trustworthy sources who swear against them saying they’re doing the same thing your moisturiser can, and an equal amount who insist on using one.

I’ve always found that when I pay extra attention to the delicate skin around my eyes it’s in much better condition and that bit of extra care goes a long way.

The skin around your eyes isn’t like the rest of your face. It’s far thinner and a lot more fragile, that’s why you can see the blood pooling under the surface that causes dark circles. Our eye area is also extremely active because of the amount we use the muscles. Think about how many times you’re frowning in a day causing those number 11 wrinkles between your eyebrows verse. This constant and rapid open and close movement puts strain on the skin around your eyes which is what causes wrinkles to begin to form.

Because the skin is so thin and constantly in action, it needs a bit of extra help to stay nourished. And fewer sebaceous glands in the eye area also means the skin needs more potent formulas to be able to actually absorb and benefit from the product compared to the rest of your face. This is similar to your lip area, another part of your face that is quick to age.

By using products that are designed to nourish and hydrate your eye area, you’ll start to notice a reduction in the number of fine lines. Of course, no cream is going to completely banish them for good, you need injections for that. However even temporarily plumping them can lead to fewer fine lines overtime and it gives you a better base to do your makeup.

Uncared for eye areas can quickly get a dry and crepey look. Our first instincts are to load up on concealer which only serves to make it look worse. In hydrating the area and feeding it lots of healthy fatty acids and ingredients like retinol, you’ll be able to achieve a smoother and more plump look when applying your makeup.

If you’re convinced you should be taking better care of your eye area, there are a few tips to help you get the most out of your products. Firstly, ensure you’re applying your eye cream to the entire eye area including underneath your eye, out to the edges of your face, onto your eyelid and even above your brow. You’ll also want to be gentle when applying it so always use your ring finger as it applies the weakest pressure. Gently tap the product all around the area and give it a minute to sink in before moving to your next step.

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