How to Repair Damaged Nails

Here’s How to Repair Damaged Nails

Our nails can often be a forgotten part of our beauty routines and when left unkempt it’s painfully obvious. A great manicure on a set of healthy and strong nails can make a great first impression.

But looking after our nails isn’t always easy, especially if you work in a particularly hands on industry such as hospitality or a laborious trade, regularly take to gardening on the weekend or your nails are frequently exposed to harsh chemicals.  Other culprits of diminishing nail health are bad habits of biting nails and/or cuticles, and one too many trips to the nail salon to have gel or acrylic nails applied.

All of these things quickly lead to brittle and weak nails that easily split and never seem to grow. So, once the damage is done, you can follow these steps to repair damaged nails…

  1. Cut your nails right back

Having super short nails may not be ideal but it will certainly look better than having a few regular length nails and a few short broken ones scattered across your fingers. Cutting your nails down is like chopping all of your split ends off. You’re quickly improving their appearance while preventing further damage.

  1. Use a cuticle oil

Massaging a cuticle oil into your fingertips every day is paramount for strengthening your nails from deep down at their root. Cuticle oils nourish and soothe your nails to help repair damage and to encourage growth, strength and shine. While it’s not strictly a cuticle oil, I’ve seen great results using Go To’s Exceptionoil. It smells like a dream and is full of butters and oils that are highly conditioning.

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  1. Add a supplement to your routine

There aren’t many beauty problems that shouldn’t be treated from the inside out. Our nails are made up of a protein called keratin that needs to be nourished in order to grow strong and healthy. There are plenty of great supplements for hair, skin and nails such as Beauty Boosters. When choosing a supplement for better nail health, look out for ingredients such as biotin, vitamin C and calcium.

  1. Use a strengthening clear nail polish

When you use the right nail polishes, they can actually help your nails rather than hurt them. Look out for products that have added proteins such as keratin that give your nails a boost of nutrients while the physical barrier the polish creates helps to protect them from splits and chips. OPI have created a great strengthener that utilises protein to help your nails.

  1. Wear gloves more often

Whether you’re doing the washing up, out in the garden or even at the gym, a pair of gloves could be just the thing you need to protect your nails from breakage. By limiting exposure to chemicals, water and rough activities that can knock them about, you’ll give them time to grow back and get healthier.
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