Healthy Snacks That Can Actually Be Part of Your Beauty Routine

Snacking; it’s a controversial word that some love and others loathe. It can be hard to get right and a harder habit to break but when you’re armed with delicious snack options that will curb your cravings and give you glowing skin at the same time, how can you go wrong?

Here are five snacks that are good for your health, your hunger and your skin!

Beauty Bites by Krumbled Foods

These bite sized snacks are packed full of nutritious ingredients along with a healthy dose of collagen to help strengthen your hair skin and nails. They’re available in three different flavours, they taste great and are the perfect size for those who can’t say no to their sweet tooth. Did we mention there’s less than 3g of sugar per serve?

Vida Glow Beauty Bars

The Vida Glow beauty bars enlist two of their signature products, marine collagen and beauty protein, to give you a delicious snack that tastes totally indulgent while keeping your waistline and your skin happy. The Beauty Collagen bar is a rich raw cacao flavour that will fortify your collagen levels while the peanut butter flavoured Beauty Protein bar gives you a hit of vegan protein to help with muscle recovery and youthful looking skin.

Your Beauty Food Collagen Snacks

A blend of nuts, fibre and collagen supplement create these tasty little treats that work to strengthen your skin and make your hair shine. You can get them in two flavours, Choc Chic or Peanut Nutter and they taste just as great as their names sound. They’re great for stashing in your desk for a guilt-free 3pm kick of sweetness!

YoPro Dairy Free Protein Yoghurt

Love yoghurt but not so keen on lactose? YoPro’s new dairy free range is perfect for those sensitive to dairy as well as vegans. It’s still filled with delicious plant protein giving you 12g per serve for muscle growth and recovery and you get the gut-loving benefits of probiotics that can lead to glowing skin. The flavours are also super sumptuous!

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