Healthy, Happy and Bikini Confident- Expert Tips from Geoff Jowett


Geoff Jowett is one of Australia’s most innovative health entrepreneurs and health and fitness experts. Founder of Body Trim weight loss programs Geoff is committed to spreading a global health and wellbeing message by giving people the knowledge and strategies to achieve their health and weightloss goals. I couldn’t think of anyone better to ask for advice on how we can be healthy, happy and looking great in the lead up to summer.

* In the lead up to summer what would be your key recommendations for toning up and being more bikini confident?

When summer is just around the corner it’s important  to start concentrating on the areas that haven’t seen the sun in a while – stomach, thighs, buttocks and shoulders.

Planks and side planks are a simple and fantastic way to tone up your core, and help define curves. Squats are great for toning thighs, butt, core, arms and shoulders. Start with a lighter dumbell and increase your reps. Plus, probably the most important thing of all is to get your eating habits right! More than anything else, ABS are made in the kitchen. That means, it’s time to ditch the high carb and high sugar rubbish in your cupboard and focus on eating small regular meals based around lean protein and plenty of fibrous veggies. Combine that with the exercises I mentioned above, and you’ll be looking lean in no time.

* From a dietary perspective what do you believe are the most important parts of staying healthy and feeling good?

A healthy, clean diet is vital for a toned physique, and for a general feeling of well-being. Include lots of salad and fibrous vegetables, lean proteins, legumes and high fibre wholemeal grains such as quinoa, and oats at breakfast. I know everyone has heard it a million times, but make sure you are drinking lots of water. Our bodies are made up of over 60% water, so it’s an important element to keep our bodies healthy, hydrated and balanced.

I would also suggest eating every 2-3 waking hours to help speed up the bodies resting metabolism.

* I would love you to share with us any healthy treats/ recipes?

We have just launched some new Bodytrim low carb, high protein Choc Cherry and Choc Coconut Protein bars which I can’t stop eating! These are a great 3pm snack to help curb those sweet afternoon cravings, they taste awesome and they’re good for you if you’re trying to stay lean.

I’m a big fan of tinned tuna mixed with cottage cheese and can’t go past saving my leftover grilled meat and eating it with some healthy dip like tatziki or hummus.

* What types of exercise do you recommend for getting a toned bum for summer? 

Again, squats are great for tightening and toning the backside area and can easily be done at home in front of the TV or while waiting for something to heat up in the microwave –there’s no excuses!

* Any tips on staying motivated and focused on fitness/weight loss goals?

I think the key is that you have to be committed and ready to lose weight or get fit. If you’re not in the right mindset to start with, then it will be harder to achieve your goals because you will find excuses to get out of them.

Once you’re ready, it is really important to set a goal, whether it’s 2 kilos, 5 kilos or 15 kilos, you need to have something to work towards so you keep your focus. With weight loss goals (or any goal in life) you must be very clear about what it is that you want to achieve. Once this is set,  give yourself a deadline to achieve it, and write both of these down.

I would also recommend creating a meal plan, so you know what meals you’re going to eat each week and can stick to it. If you don’t have a plan it makes it easier to just grab take out on the way home because your too tired to go and buy groceries. We all do it, but if you have a plan and do a weekly shop you’ll be less likely to steer off course.