Hair Trend: Glossy Locks

This season gorgeous, full, glossy locks are a major hair trend.

But what if you don’t have naturally smooth hair? What if you have naturally frizzy hair?

I know this dilemma all too well…. Having naturally very curly, and frizzy hair has always made achieving a long lasting glossy look almost impossible for me.

There’s no shortage of products that promise to rid you of frizz and give you that ultimate smooth shine, but the true test is whether or not the hair stays the way that I styled it all day long.

And I’m a little fussy, while I want beautiful smooth glossy locks, I still want volume and don’t want the hair weighed down too much, or feel like it’s stuck too flat to my head.

Over the course of the past 3 weeks I’ve put the Goldwell Just Smooth range to the ultimate road test. Travelling through Europe (and through some of the most frizz inducing climates), I’ve used this range on a daily basis, here’s what I discovered….

Goldwell Just Smooth

This range has you covered every step of the way. From Shampoo and Conditioner, to every possible styling need.

The range is designed to give you better manageability, great frizz control, and maximum shine.

There were a few products that worked really nicely into my everyday routine and I particularly loved them because they allowed me to have the soft volume I like, with a smooth glossy finish.

By using the Just Smooth shampoo & conditioner I was giving my glossy styling routine a nice head start.

6 Effects Serum

This serum is like a nutrient burst for your hair. It also smoothes, reduces frizz, blocks humidity, tames, and adds shine. I love to use this on freshly washed damp hair, or rub a little into dry brittle ends. It instantly makes the hair more noticeably smooth and manageable.

Smooth Control

This one is my absolute favourite in the range. With damp hair I start off by spritzing Smooth Control Blow Dry Spray into the lengths and the roots. Firstly Smooth Control speeds up drying time, and my hair holds a lot of moisture, so it was a godsend while I was on the go. It also gives better manageability, reduces frizz and my favourite part is that it gives your style hold. I was blow drying my hair with a round brush and I found that yes, it did significantly speed up drying time, but it also made my hair hold the volume and shape the round brush gave it.

Soft Tamer

I love this cream! Applied to dry hair it smooths the lengths, the ends, and fly-aways from on top of the head. I found this was a great way to finish off my blow dry because it doesn’t weigh down the hair but it completely eliminates frizz. I call this one my ‘frizz free insurance policy’ because every time I used this, my hair stayed smooth all day long even in the humidity and heat.

Diamond Gloss

Diamond Gloss is my final styling step. Once I’ve completely styled my hair I spray this micro fine mist over it to give it a brilliant shine, but again without weighing the hair down. Diamond Gloss’ best feature is it’s ability to act as a humidity blocker, which works both in Summer heat and in Winter rain!

To find your nearest stockist of the Goldwell Just Smooth range use the salon locator HERE