Hair Repair

Its a common problem to end up with dry, damaged hair as a result of combining colouring and the elements of summer. And I wanted to share with you a little tip, I find that this works wonders with my dry hair in summer time. Instead of using a regular conditioner i use a treatment mask. I shampoo as normal followed by conditioning using a mask. Masks are generally more intensive, more hydrating and more powerful at reviving dry hair. My hair just sucks up the moisture, and by using a treatment in each wash my hair is easier to style, smoother, softer and shinier.

This one from the body shop is really lovely. Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter $26.95 is luxurious and rich, smells great and my hair just sucks up the moisture! Available at all Body Shop stores nationwide or Click HERE to buy online.

I would definitely recommend using a treatment mask for your dry hair. xx