Hair Free Summer- with brazilian waxing queen Svetlana Burckhardt

By Svetlana Burckhardt, Director of EyebrowExperts and author of Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen.

‘I have done more Brazilian waxes than I’ve had hot dinners! Over the years, I have developed my own, unique method, and invented the 7 Minute Brazilian Wax. Yes, it really is that quick! I’ve also recently shared some of my funniest waxing table tales, plus tips in my new book, ‘Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen.’ Visit, and

1. For legs and bikini areas, always opt for waxing over shaving. It keeps skin smoother for longer, reduces the likelihood of unsightly and painful ingrown hairs, and slows down hair growth in the long run.
2. Get hair-free by consulting with a professional aesthetician for your Brazilian wax and ensuring the salon is clean and sanitary. Hair should be 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch long and it is appreciated if you do your own trimming prior to your appointment.

3. To prepare for a Brazilian wax, have a hot shower before your appointment as this will open up your pores making waxing more comfortable. Avoid waxing while menstruating as your pain threshold is reduced. Those sensitive to pain might like to take a pain reliever 20 minutes before their treatment to minimise pain.

4. Depending on your growth patterns, maintenance appointments should be booked for every 4-7 weeks following your initial wax. If the hair is too long, it will be difficult for the wax to adhere, making the Brazilian wax more painful.

5. Exfoliate your bikini line regularly, using a body scrub and loofah. Dead skin cells that reside on the surface of your skin can cause and worsen ingrown hairs. These cells block the hair follicles’ openings so the hairs cannot pierce through the skin’s surface. Exfoliate the area twice weekly to experience a reduction in ingrown hairs.

6. Wear loose, cotton clothing following your treatment (and as often as possible in daily life). Cotton is more breathable than most other fabrics, helping your skin to remain healthier. Tight, synthetic clothing traps bacteria and sweat next to your skin, thereby exacerbating ingrown hairs.

7. Avoid exercise until at least the day following your wax.
Avoid exposing freshly waxed skin to sunlight.

8. Use toner or astringent on your bikini line. Most toners and astringents contain alcohol, which tightens pores and kills bacteria. They will also encourage skin cell turnover, thereby discouraging ingrown hair formation. You can even find toners or astringents that are designed to treat ingrown hairs.

10.Have fun with Brazilian wax trends. Popular shapes are teardrop, hearts or triangles or the landing strip. Pink and blue are the most popular colours for pubic hair and new advances mean hair doesn’t have to be bleached before it’s coloured!

11.In summer, there is the chance you will need to be in bathers in-between your appointments. I recommend wearing boy leg swimmers to hide any bikini line stubble, or wear your swimming costume and trim and pluck any strays creeping outside the boundaries of your swimwear. Or better yet, wear a sarong and make a run for the water!