Hair Clips Are Trending So Here’s All the Inspiration You Need to Wear Them

There’s nothing quite like a strategically placed hair accessory to make a bad hair day seem like a distant memory. Whether you’re suffering a frizz flair-up brought on by humidity, are overdue for a shampoo, need to hide your dry ends between trims or your locks are just feeling a little flat, hair accessories are the easiest and most stylish way to bring effortless life to your hair.

Scrunchies and head scarves reigned supreme in 2018 but it’s time to make way for one of the biggest trends of 2019, hair clips. From tiny claw clips to acrylic barrettes, golden pins and pearl adorned bobby pins, hair clips bring with them a nod of nostalgia to growing up in the nineties and noughties when a glittering or jewel adorned clip was almost like a status symbol of style.

Now, they’ve been plucked from the heads of primary school girls and transported to runways and the tresses of your favourite Instagram stars bringing a whole new chic practicality to the humble accessory.

The key to mastering the trend is to just have fun. There are seemingly no rules when it comes to adorning pony tails, hiding grown out fringes or sprucing up your messy bun with clips that come in all shapes and sizes. And more is certainly more.

Take a look at some of our favourite inspiration…

Images via @reliquiajewellery

Images and main image via Vanessa Hong @thehautepursuit

Image via  Zoe Foster Blake @zotheysay

Image via  Rozalia Russian @rozalian_russian

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