Glitter Nails

BYS Pink Glitter

There is no denying I love a bit of nail art! And glitter nails are just SO much fun!

This new pack of Glitter Dust for Nails $7.95 from BYS landed on my desk and I couldn’t wait to start experimenting! Not only are they easy to do but they are also really quick.

Each pack comes with 1 x nail polish, 1 x glitter pot and 1 x brush. To start you paint each nail with the polish, you then dip each nail into the glitter pot, one at a time. Using the brush you dust off any excess glitter from around the edges. The result is a 3D sparkle that looks amazing. These are a fab idea for party nails they just look so pretty! and at $7.95 they are worth a try just for the heck of it…

Take a look at this fab little Manicam runway showto see the colour range! CLICK HERE

And to watch the youtube tutorial click HERE