Get this AMAZING look


Firstly let me introduce beautiful model Caitlyn! She is a make-up artists dream and the perfect canvas! Those lips…. amazing!

I created this look on Caitlyn which is sharp and striking yet relatively simple to achieve. Here are some simple steps to ‘Get The Look’.

You will need-

MAKE-UP: Foundation, bronzer, concealer, illuminate powder, peach coloured blush, a brow pencil or powder, black liquid liner, false lashes, mascara and of course a bright red lippy!

HAIR: Mousse, blow drier, curling wand, volume powder and a good fine tooth comb for back combing.

See steps below-


Apply a generous amount of Mousse throughout the hair, I used David Babaii ‘Whipped’ Mousse which gives loads of volume and blow dried it in. I parted the hair on the side and used my Babyliss pro conical curling iron to put curls through the hair starting about an inch down the hair shaft. Once I had curled all the hair I then ran my fingers through the hair for about a minute or so to really loosen up the curls to a softer wave. I then used the Scunci Double Lift & Tease Comb on various sections throughout the hair and gently back combed at different places along the shaft of the hair from top to bottom. This gave the hair a more voluminous ‘airy’ look. Lastly I sprinkled some Toni & Guy volume powder into the roots and worked it in gently with my fingers to give a little more height to the roots.

I used MAC studio Fix Liquid as a base. I then used Aves Cosmetics Illuminate Powder and worked it into the foundation with a brush over the entire face except the nose. This gave the skin a beautiful glowy sheen. I then used a concealer to cover the darker skin on the inner corners of the eye. Next I used Curtis Collection Sun Disk Mineral Tan Enhancer over the cheeks, neck, forehead, and décolletage. I used MAC ‘Peaches’ blush on the apples of the cheeks and gave it a couple of coats. I used the darkest colour in the Clarins Brow Kit to darken and fill in the brows.

I used The Balm ‘Schwing’ Liquid Eyeliner to create this stunning eyeline. This liquid liner in like an ultra black felt tip pen, which means it is really easy to use. The hardest part is making sure you do each side the same as the other! Line the lashline starting at the inner corner right out to the end of the lashes. Then reposition the liner to create a little wing off the edge, go to the other side and repeat being careful to keep it at the same angle as the other eye. I then thickened up the line gradually building it thicker and thicker until it was the shape I was after. Doing a thick eyeline you need to occasionally open your eye and see if the shape is how you want it when the eye is open. When the eyeline was done I applied mascara to the lashes top and bottom. I then applied some Katy Perry ‘Oh My’ false lashes by Eylure which completed the look and added to the ‘WOW’ factor.

The Final step was applying MAC Red lipstick for an amazing red pout.