Get Kendall’s Perfect Topknot

We love keeping up with Kendall’s style and beauty looks. The supermodel always looks so laidback yet sophisticated. Never overdone, but never too disheveled either. The girl has nailed model off-duty.

So it only makes sense that she’s mastered the number one model off-duty must have: the topknot. Kendall loves to throw her hair up into a topknot. Who doesn’t? It’s fast, simple and suitable for any occasion.

Being able to create the perfect topknot is a game changer. Celebrity hairstylist and Priceline Pharmacy’s Hair Director, Kenneth Stoddart, gave us the following tips on how to get Kendall’s topknot perfection.

TIP 1.

When trying to get the Kendall Jenner bun, make sure your hair isn’t squeaky clean as it will be too slippery and difficult to hold in place. ‘Day two’ hair is always best.

TIP 2.

To achieve day two hair on day one, apply some texturizing spray to dry hair and dry it into your hair. You can also use a sea salt spray for extra grit but don’t overdo it otherwise your hair will get lots of fly aways and ‘frizz’.

TIP 3.

When creating a high ponytail, it’s best to tip your head upside down and brush all of your hair to the top of your head. This makes it not too strenuous on your arms and more likely to speed things up.

TIP 4.

To secure your ponytail, it’s best to use a bungee elastic as opposed to a hair elastic so you can just hook, wrap around and hook tightly back in as opposed to pulling the hair through an elastic several times. Give your ponytail an extra pull to tighten to the scalp.

TIP 5.

If you have a fringe or some shorter layers around your face, make sure you leave them out before you start the ponytail as it will be too late once the ponytail is done.

TIP 6.

To make the bun, twist your ponytail in one direction until it shows tension at the base and then start wrapping the ponytail around the base to form a knotted bun. To secure, use bobby pins and put them in with the jagged edge towards the scalp (the opposite to what you would think but this surprisingly holds better).

TIP 7.

Now, if you are being really clever, you can apply a false human hair fringe in front of your bun, as in Kendall’s case, and hey presto, you have an up to the minute high bun with fringe!

To get the look try TONI & GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray, Lady Jayne Thin Black Elastics, Models Prefer Smooth & Shine Plastic Tail Comb and L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray.

Written by Sophie Howe