Get Blake’s Hair! Barney gives us the ‘How to’…

I know I’ve already declared my love for the fishtail plait and named it as a hot trend this summer, but when Barney Martin from Pantene came up with a ‘how to’ for Blake Lively’s side fishtail style I just had to share it with you! I cant wait to do my own like this!

Barney says-

To re-create Blake Lively’s cute side fishtail plait:

1.       To help create this plait tie your hair in a low ponytail securing it with an elastic band where you want the plait to start from.

2.       Divide the pony into two equal sections.

3.       Take ½ inch section of hair from the right and add it to the left section

4.       Similar to step 3, now take ½ inch section of hair from the left and add it to the right section.

5.       Keep going using alternate pieces from each side; try to keep it as tight as possible until you reach the end lengths.

6.       Pull the elastic from the top down the length of your fishtail and secure at the bottom.

TIP: The size of the pieces of hair you transfer from each side will determine the look of your plait. If you have long hair and you want a chunky end result use thicker pieces.