Get a Custom Tan at home- no streaks no mess!!

This weekend I have just found a fantastic DIY self tan. It’s Custom Tan‘s new Self Tanning Mousse. I’m pretty fussy with self tan but I really liked this one for several reasons. Firstly it has an instant bronzer so I looked brown before the tan had even developed. Secondly it really didn’t smell like fake tan, I tend to find the smell of self tan begins to drive me crazy after a few hours but I wore this one all day and it just didn’t smell. Last of all the colour was great and my hands didn’t turn orange because custom tan have a self tanning mitt that you wear over your hand as you apply it, so you don’t get a single bit of tan on the palm of your hand. The Mitt also helped me blend the tan on, so no streaky marks  it just buffed flawlessly on.

The Custom Tan Self Tanning Mousse contains 20% more DHA (the ingredient that colours your skin) than other self tans which gives you a deeper, richer and longer lasting colour. And let me tell you this stuff gives a spray tan a run for its money! Custom Tan’s products are made with the highest grade , eco certified, organic DHA making them the ‘Rolls Royce’ of tanning products. I’d say you’d get about 6 full body applications from one bottle, the Mitt can be washed and re-used as many times as you like.

Custom Tan also makes a range of professional spray tanning products.

Custom Tan Self Tanning Mousse $32.95

Custom Tan Tanning Mitt $12.95