Frizz Free! The Best Keratin Treatment Ever!

 Frizzy hair is the bane of my existence each and every Summer.

I have naturally curly hair and I live here in Sydney which is notorious for its very humid summers, and one thing I know for sure is curls + humidity = FRIZZ.

I’ve tried every serum, every different type of hot tool, and no matter how perfect my hair looks once I’ve styled it, one step outside and POOF! The frizz is back with a vengeance.

When Keratin hair treatments first became available with the promise of frizz-free hair for months on end, I quickly became a regular with them. However it wasn’t long before they were taken off the market for having traces of formaldehyde in the fumes which was a health risk for the professionals working with it. Soon after several other formaldehyde-free formulations hit the market, however I found none were anywhere near as effective.

After a good 3-4 years of going without any keratin treatments at all (eek!) I started to hear a bit of talk within the industry about bhave smoothe keratin therapyEveryone I spoke to who’d had it, literally raved about the treatment. So of course, I had to try it.

My hair is now completely frizz-free and super quick and easy to style!!!

I used to have to blow dry, then straighten for a good 30-40 min at least. I can now blow dry my hair perfectly smooth in under 10 minutes!!! And it stays that way all day, completely unaffected by the humidity.

It’s amazing. My hair feels really smooth and silky and it looks it too. I can go for a swim and let it dry naturally ( something I would have previously only dreamed about…) because it doesn’t dry into a giant fuzz ball anymore, it actually looks pretty good.


Bhave smoothe keratin therapy doesn’t get rid of curls, it gets rid of frizz!

If I let my hair dry naturally it still has a natural wave but zero frizz. The curls hang down rather than spring out in every direction, and it makes my hair really quick and easy to style, I’d say it cuts my styling time down by 75%.

I had my bhave smoothe keratin therapy at Alan Coban Hairdressing in the Sydney CBD. The treatment is easy, but the hardest part is not washing your hair for the next few days while the keratin sets. It’s a completely formaldehyde free formulation and it works brilliantly.

The results were long lasting and I found I needed a top up treatment after 4 months.

I’m now completely and utterly a convert. My hair has felt amazing and the bhave smoothe keratin therapy comes highly recommended from me.

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