Foundation 101- The Guide To A Perfect Base

tumblr_mxiaxaW0oM1r40cdao1_500 So many women ask me for tips on getting the perfect foundation. The truth is there isn’t one wonder foundation that will answer every girls prayers, the perfect foundation for you may not be perfect for someone else. Finding the right product for you depends on several important factors- your skin type, your skin tone, your desired coverage and what you want out of your foundation i.e. SPF, waterproof etc…
So here are my best answers to the most commonly asked questions-
The Three Biggest Foundation Mistakes-
1. bad colour matching
2. failing to blend around the jawline and hairline
3. wearing way too much!
Should you test before you buy? Is it best to actually try it on your face rather than spot testing it on your hand or arm? How to find the right colour?
Yes definitely try before you buy! The best place to try a foundation is on the jawline just next to your chin. It’s pointless testing colour on any other part of your body because that skin is not the same colour as your face!
A lot of women buy a foundation much darker then their actual skin tone because they want their face to look browner or more tanned. This is a big NO NO, the end result will look like they are wearing much more make-up than they actually are, and look really unnatural and it will be impossible to blend.
The best way to have a achieve a more sun kissed looking face is to use a bronzer over a foundation that matches your skin tone. Dust a bronzer down the sides of the face and lightly across the nose and jawline, by contouring your face with bronzer this will look really natural.
When is a liquid foundation the better choice and when is powder foundation the better choice – which works better with what types of skin?
Liquid foundation is a better choice for drier skin types and mature skin. Liquids usually help with hydration and prevent crepiness and the appearance of fine lines. Liquid foundation will keep dry skin looking dewey and plump. If you have combination skin and are prone to getting an oily t-zone your best bet is a combination of a liquid and powder.
Powder is a better choice for oily skin tones as it helps to absorb excessive oil secretions from the skin and will mean less touch ups and longer lasting make-up. Powder is also great for people wanting a heavier coverage.
Mineral powders however, are a great option for any skin type dry to oily. They offer natural radiance, slight dewiness, sun protection and absorb oil incredibly. If you wear a mineral powder you won’t need to touch up, they just last so well. Best of all they don’t clog the pores, you can even wear it while you exercise.

How do I apply liquid foundation? What do you see people doing wrong?

The best foundation application is achieved by applying the liquid foundation with a brush evenly on the face, then gently blending with your finger tips. The warmth from your fingers really settles the foundation onto your skin evenly and smoothly- better than any brush will!
 How do I apply powder foundation? And what do you see people doing wrong with that?
Powder is best applied with a kabuki brush (short, fat, round brush) and applied using circular motions on the skin. This ensures the most even application and buffs the make up onto the skin.  A common mistake people make with powders is they apply too much around the eye area which weighs down the skin and exaggerates fine lines.
Do you have hints for making foundation and concealer work well together and look good? Errors to avoid? 
Concealers need to be a fair bit lighter than your foundation to counteract discolouration, dark circles and blemishes, so apply concealer first and then blend your foundation over the top. A mistake I see commonly with concealer is applying too much around the eyes and ending up with white rings around the eyes.
Other Foundation advice-
Remember not to prime is a crime! This doesn’t mean you need a specific primer, just keep your skin regularly exfoliated and use a lightweight moisturiser suited to your skin type. If you feel like your skin dries out during the day keep a rose water spray with you to spritz this will instantly revive and refresh your foundation. Illuminate creams and powder are amazing too! They compliment any foundation and make the skin look radiant. After you have applied your foundation try applying some illuminate to the top of your cheekbones and along the brow bone under the brow.