Flesh Eating Fish!!!

Ahhhhh. A few days ago I tried a beauty treatment I was a little uneasy with. The so called ‘ foot spa therapy’ in Bali involves putting your feet into a fish tank filled with tiny flesh eating fish. The fish are native to Turkey and have been used for hundreds of years as a way of removing dead and dry skin from the feet. People discovered that the fish saliva contained healing properties while crossing rivers in Turkey, at first they thought their flesh was being eaten off, but later realised that the fish had simply removed all the dead skin from their feet leaving softer, smoother skin.

It felt really weird! but as you get used to it, it feels like tiny electric currents going through your feet. I noticed a bit of an improvement in my feet but I’d say its something you have to do regularly to see the full benefits. I have no idea how this treatment made its way to Bali, but there are ‘foot spa therapy’ places in every street.

So when you’re in Bali next and your heels are looking a bit cracked you might consider letting the baby Piranas give you a foot treatment. EEEK!