Five Ways to Get Active Outdoors This Summer

There’s probably not too many among us that wouldn’t raise their hand when asked if being a little more active was one of their New Year’s resolutions. We all know how beneficial a bit of sweat can be for both the mind and body and there is no better time than Summer to take advantage of the great outdoors to reignite your exercise routine.

But if you’ve been stuck in a rut or new to the world of fitness outside of group classes at the gym, it can be hard to find motivation, and keep it! So, we tapped Brooke Turner, a nutritionist, exercise scientist, personal trainer, writer, presenter and mother of two with over ten years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, to share her favourite outdoor workouts to inspire your next workout.

“Getting active outdoors can greatly improve your mood and mental health, boost your energy levels, help you stay in shape, promote improved quality of sleep and help get your daily dose of vitamin D,” says Brooke. “It is also one of the best inspo triggers so these are my top 5 ways to get active outdoors this summer:”

  1. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is not only great fun but a fantastic form of exercise. The act of balancing on the board not only improves your stability and proprioception but provides a full body workout – think shoulders, arms, core and legs! Red Paddle Co’s inflatable SUP range are lightweight, compact, stable and super easy to set up and pack up, making them the perfect paddling partner!

  1. Outdoor Fitness Classes or DIY Workouts

Join a local outdoor fitness program, or head to the park or beach front with your bestie and create your own! Training with others provides great social connection and boosts your mental wellbeing whilst acting as an extra source of motivation and encouragement. All you need is a bench or step, some beats and your water.

Here’s how to create your own simple, fun and effective park workout:

  • Choose 5 movements.
  • Set an interval timer to 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest with 1-minute rest after each complete round.
  • Complete 3-5 rounds depending on your time and energy! For example: jump squats, push ups, step ups, bench leg pull ins, side skaters.
  1. Head Out for A Hike

Check out the nearby local reserves and national parks and tackle a hike. Get up early to do a sunrise walk and pack a healthy picnic to enjoy when you reach the top!  Have you ever noticed how distance and time seems to pass much faster when you are walking along your favourite coastal or bush track? Select a route with a view to not only assist in providing a great form of stress relief by getting back to nature and off the treadmill, but you may find you walk further and faster as the scenery helps pass the kms.

  1. Make stairs and sand dunes your friend

Running or walking up inclines are great for strengthening and toning your lower body as well as a big calorie burner from the HIIT style nature – keeping your heart rate elevated. You won’t need to spend long getting active in this way. Choose somewhere with stairs and mix up the sets – first one single step, second set take them two at a time. Find a beach with some sand dunes and run or walk up, recover down and then finish with a dip to cool off!

  1. Learn to surf

If you’ve ever wanted to give surfing a go check out your local beach to enquire about lessons, hire a board or grab one off a mate and teach yourself how to surf. Just like SUP-ing it is a great form of fun and fitness.


Main Image – Brooke Turner @balancefitnessandnutrition

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