Five Nail Colours to Have On Repeat This Winter

If there’s one thing that’s synonymous with my holidays during high school, it’s my habit of painting my nails a new colour every three or four nights. The ability to change it up so easily and pick my paint according to my mood or an outfit I was planning to wear was exciting. There’s something to be said about having freshly painted nails and the way it instantly makes you feel more polished (excuse the pun).

Although I chose some unfortunate colours back in the day, it did teach me a lot about how to pick the perfect polish for any occasion and how important it is to think about your shade.

There really are no rules when choosing your colour. There’s an infinite variety of shades available and because it’s so easy to reverse mistakes, you can really have some fun experimenting. But you should consider your skin tone and choose a colour that complements it. So, if you have cool pink undertones in your skin, choose colours with a cool base and opt for colours with yellow undertones if you have a warmer complexion.

Here’s our mani picks perfect for Winter…

A nude nail is always a good idea but you should consider a shade with a bit more depth and slightly darker tone for Winter. Steer away from anything too sheer and instead go for a dense, caramel colour. I’ve been through about six bottles of Rimmel’s Caramel Cupcake nail polish so couldn’t recommend it more as a seasonal nude.

Mauve is one of my favourite nail colours. It’s close enough to nude that you can wear it any environment but offers a pop of subtle colour that’s moody, elegant and feminine all at the same time. Essie’s Lady Like fits the bill and the quality of the formula is hard to beat.

I’ve painted my nails black more than a few times but as an adult, it doesn’t feel quite right showing up to the office with black nails. Instead, a stormy navy offers the same mood as black but is a touch softer and more elegant. Try OPI’s Get Ryd-of-thym Blues for a deep navy colour with a super shiny finish.

Red is a forever friend to your nails and makes for a fun weekend pop of colour. But in Winter, try swapping your brighter, orange reds for a darker wine colour. It works better with the darker clothing we all tend to opt for in Winter and will perfectly complement a wine lipstick. If you’re willing to indulge yourself, Chanel’s Rouge Noir 18 is iconic and a must-have addition to your nail colour line-up.

Green may not be the first colour you think about when you consider a sophisticated yet edgy beauty look but thanks to trend-setting collections from fashion houses like Balmain, Khaki is a high-fashion colour choice and Winter trends agree. Avoid a khaki shade that’s too muddy and instead opt for Green Envy by Oribe.