Five Easy Changes to Make to Your Pre-Wedding Beauty Routine

With so much advice circulating the internet, reading article after article in pursuit of the perfect bridal beauty look for your big day can quickly add to the already stressful planning process.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be so complicated and you can forget about adding a ten-step routine to your evening without compromising on your skins health. With these five easy changes, you’ll be able to look after your skin with minimal effort and zero stress…

1. Drink more water

I bet you hear it all the time but drinking more water is the easiest (and cheapest) change you can make with the biggest pay-off. Not only will it improve your internal health such as digestion and hydration, it’s effect on your skin and complexion is exponential. The more you drink, the plumper, smoother and clearer your skin will look and the more effective your skincare products will be.

2. Re-assess your use of active ingredients

A lot of us are overusing active ingredients in our skincare routines without knowing it. It’s easy enough to do, with every new product that’s released claiming to be the holy-grail and containing actives that we don’t really understand. We end up using multiple different actives as a part of a single routine because that’s what clever marketing tells us to be doing. This can quickly lead to your skin taking a turn for the worse or damage the surface altogether so that makeup never sits quite right. Be sure that you understand every active ingredient your use on your skin. Retinols, AHAs, BHAs, vitamin C and its derivatives should all be used at separate times in the lead up to your big day.

3. Add an oil to your routine

Contrary to popular belief, oils don’t moisturise your skin. What they do do is work alongside your natural sebum production to repair your skins protective barrier and regulate your oil producing glands. While short term effects might seem lacklustre, over time oils are one of the most powerful products at reducing the appearance of fine lines, controlling acne or the occasional pimple and ensuring your skin is in optimal health to be retaining the benefits of foods and water you put in your body.

4. Cut back on alcohol

It may seem impossible, particularly if you’re having a Summer wedding, to cut back on the hard stuff when there’s so much celebrating to do. However, just like losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise, caring for your skin is 80% what goes inside, and 20% what you put on it. Alcohol, and the sugars it contains, plays a huge role in our skin health. Cutting down, or at least changing to lower-carb, zero added sugar options, will not only improve your body but prevent dehydration and sallowness in your complexion.

5. Make moisturising your body a habit

I’ll put my hand up and admit that I’m not particularly diligent when it comes to moisturising my body and I certainly suffer for it. It gets to the point that I’m scrabbling to repair scaly legs before a spray tan or clipping back damaged cuticles before a manicure. If you make slathering yourself in a good quality moisturiser or even oil a part of your everyday routine, you’ll quickly reap the benefits and be photo ready for your wedding with zero stress.



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PHOTO: Thom Kerr

Model: Montana Cox

Make-up: Bonnie G- Oz Beauty Expert

Hair: Iggy Rosales

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