Five Beauty Products to Carry in Your Gym Bag

Party season is upon us but that’s no excuse to be skipping workouts and letting your healthy lifestyle fall to the wayside. With hectic schedules it can be pretty hard to keep up the motivation to exercise regularly.

Staying motivated is all about staying prepared and from personal experience I can tell you that having a well-stocked gym bag waiting at my door every morning makes it about 3,000 times easier to hit the gym. But what to put in your gym bag to ensure success?

Well, beyond the obvious (workout gear, resistance bands, a hair tie and pair of socks), there are a few beauty essentials that every girl should be carrying in her gym bag…

1. Mageze Magnesium Oil

Perfect for soothing sore muscles and preventing debilitating pain that stops us from working out the day after a big workout, magnesium oil is a true saviour. It works to fuel the conduction of energy in your muscles that prevents cramping and muscle tightness. It can also be used to promote a better nights’ sleep by relaxing the mind.

2. Burt’s Bees Micellar Cleansing Towelettes

A quick swipe over your face after your workout, and before if you have makeup on, is an effortless way to prevent breakouts and unwanted damage to your skin. We’re all pretty familiar with the damage wearing makeup can do during a sweat session but failing to remove sweat quickly after a workout can also cause blockages and the salts in our sweat can dry your skin out.

3. Before You Speak Glow Collagen Coffee

A healthy lifestyle and your morning cup of joe may not seem to fit together but for those who find coffee is a non-negotiable before or after your morning workout, Before You Speak’s new Glow coffee is the way to go. The instant coffee is infused with marine collagen that gives you a healthy glow as well as stronger hair and nails. It’s also infused with a host of other healthy ingredients including MCT’s, the wellness industry’s current buzz-product, and actually tastes delicious!

4. Go-To Super Handy

A lot of sports and gym workouts, particularly weight-lifting, cause a lot of wear and tear to your hands. There’s nothing like a few blisters to hinder your new-found workout motivation so looking after your hands is important. Massaging in Go-To’s delicious smelling hand cream after your session is a sure-fire way to protect your hands while getting to enjoy the luxury of the tropical scent.

5. Hair By Sam McKnight Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo isn’t just a gym essential, it’s a life essential, but there’s a pretty good chance it will get a serious workout being stowed in your gym bag. Perfect for freshening up your locks post-workout, pre-workday or date night, a quick spritz helps once sweat soaked strands look fresh and clean. The Lazy Girl dry shampoo is light enough that you don’t feel any build up or residue on your roots while still absorbing excess oil and giving you a boost of volume and soft texture.

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