Fit Tip- Why hill run with a carry?

1655975_726077390757686_1707692269_nWhy hill run with a carry?

Loaded carries are great for training grip strength, building muscle, work capacity, core strength and stability, coordination, and even improving function of the shoulder girdle. Strength training like this assists in everyday activities that require the control of heavy loads, and also gives you a great manly handshake. The Farmer’s Walk can be performed either going uphill, downhill, on the flat, or any variation of the three. A great thing about this exercise too is that you can use whatever weight you have available, for example ViPR’s, Kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags… shall I go on?

Hill runs in general are perfect for burning calories, increasing your endurance and speed, but then adding the farmers walk into the mix adds an extra element. You can’t rely on your arms to get the momentum you would usually have to get up the hill. Instead all the power and focus is on your legs, your largest muscle groups, therefore burning even more calories and getting your heart rate right up there into the fat burning zone. The isometric nature of the exercise also creates a great hormonal response that promotes muscle growth, and ladies this means tone in all the right places (arms, back and stomach).

These might have to become a staple 😉