Fashion Forecast



So here it is… my prediction of whats hot, what’s going to be hot and what’s just not hot anymore!

Firstly let me start with make-up- Basically the look is glowing dewey skin, barely there make-up on the eyes with a dash of bold liquid liner, full brows and either a splash of bright bold colour on the lips or keep it pastel and soft.

* Luminous glowing skin is a must have so if you haven’t already invested in an illuminator you should! Illuminator’s are luminous creams or powders you apply to the skin with or before your make-up to make the skin look dewey, fresh and glowing. If you make your skin too matte you will can dull and lack lustre, not to mention the more matte your skin is the more it accentuates fine lines and imperfections. Make sure you add extra glow to the cheekbones and brow bones.

* Lipstick- just when you were getting used to using gloss lipstick has come back with a vengeance! The hottest colours are oddly enough bright and bold or the polar opposite soft, soft soft ice cream pastels. No in between just the extremes.

* Liquid Liner- The most fashionable make-up looks for this season could almost go with out eye shadow all together. Just a dusting of  blush on your lids then add ultimate definition with a defined ultra black liquid eyeline.

*Nails- My hit prediction is neon colours. The more fluro the better!

* Hair – Ballayage is loosing its popularity and the trend is heading towards full glossy colour and blunt cuts. In terms of styling tousled soft loose hair is still a winner, and a new trend is the ‘wet look’. A sleek wet looking pony tail or just combed back can look great but unfortunately only the lucky few can pull it off.

As far as fashion goes it’s all about print and colour. Whether it’s Aztec print, Floral or just a bold print in general, it’s going to be a winner over the coming months. I just ordered my first pair of floral jeans from ASOS and I love them, although my husband isn’t so sure about them. And as far as colour goes its almost fluro… yep fluro is back…. in pink, yellow, green and blue. Pretty much any neon colour you can think of. Throw in a bit of leather and you’re on the right track!

Here’s a little gallery of what’s hot … xx