Fantastic Skin Care for Pigmentation

I’ve struggled with pigmentation for all of my adult life.  At times in my early twenties it really got me feeling down, no amount of make-up could cover it, I had no idea how to get rid of it, and it really gave my self esteem a knock.

In recent years I’ve learnt how to manage my pigmentation pretty well, and exfoliation has become my best friend!!!

Good regular exfoliation has played a massive part in me being able to keep my pigmentation as light as possible and stop it getting anywhere as dark as it used to be. I love having peels, microdermabrasion and even fraxel at certain times throughout the year to lighten my pigmentation as much as possible.

However recently I realised I probably wasn’t doing much on a daily basis to help minimise my pigmentation and keep it at bay. I knew I should be using active skin care that would really compliment my results.

I discovered a new range of skin care that pretty much addressed all of my skin care concerns. And everyday since I’ve been using it.

The Arbonne Re9 Advanced Brightening Collection is specifically designed to improve skin radiance and keep your skin tone more even. This range packs some powerful active ingredients.

The hero ingredient in this collection is the SakuraBright Complex, created with stabilised Vitamin C, Cherry Blossom Extract and Birch Leaf Extract, which increases skin luminosity and minimises dark spots.

With any new skin care range I trial for review, I make sure I use it long enough to really see results. After using this range for 2 months, the biggest change I noticed was that after two overseas holidays in the sun, when my pigmentation would usually be at it’s darkest, it really wasn’t that dark at all. Not even close to where it would have been in the past. I would usually get home and book straight in for a peel or some intensive measure of getting rid of my pigmentation, but I haven’t, because I just haven’t needed it!

One of my faves from the range is the Brightening Foaming Cleanser, it’s very lightly scented, it works up into a nice lather, removes daily grime and works at boosting skin radiance.

The Brightening Night Cream and the Brightening Eye Cream are also among my favourites from the range. Both are easily absorbed into the skin and supremely hydrating, but the magic lies within the ingredients. The SakuraBright complex is exclusive to Arbonne and that’s what is responsible for giving your skin a healthy glow like you’ve never seen before.

If you’re a pigmentation sufferer there’s no doubt that intensive treatments like microdermabrasion and peels are of great benefit, but if you’re smart enough to use a skin care range like this one your skin will be brighter and pigmentation free for longer.

The Arbonne RE9 Advanced Brightening Collection is quality skin care that does what it promises and will leave your skin feeling great!

Highly recommended from me!

Bonnie x