Extreme Hydration

Ever had the feeling that your skin may be thirsty? I do regularly and no matter how much water I drink sometimes my skin is just really dry. When it feels this way it looks dull and fine lines are more apparent. I wish my skin could hold moisture better or better still have a big drink of water! Usually the problem escalates in the colder months but generally I feel some sense of dryness all year round. I ‘ve been doing a little research into products that lock in moisture and make the skin feel as though its had that drink of water! I came up with these three superstars to quench skin dehydration.

1) Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster $100. This concentrate is used in conjunction with your regular moisturiser. I found it made a clear difference to my skin, it appeared plumper, lines were less visible and it looked more fresh and hydrated. With ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Algae extract it’s proven to hold moisture to the skin and repair the skins protective barrier. This definitely made my skin look and feel a lot better.

2) Ella Bache Hydra Revitalising Cream $105.  This one is a cream you can use as your day or night cream which helps to repair damaged skin and retains moisture in the skin leaving it looking more youthful and supple. I found this cream felt amazing applying it at night- in the morning my skin still looked hydrated and plumped. This would be a great cream to use all year round for those with drier skin types or just during the colder months for occasional dry skin sufferers.

3) Clarins Hydra Quench Intensive Serum $72. I have been using this serum everyday under my make-up. It gives my moisturiser a boost and makes my make-up look better and my skin stay hydrated during the day. The Hyaluronic acid in this one also helps it to retain vast amounts of moisture which gives the skin radiance and a more youthful and supple appearance.

I love all three of these products, they work beautifully and have all made huge improvements in the condition of my skin. Maybe my skin can have that big drink of water after all.