Elucent Skin Care- Brighter, Clearer, Better Skin!


Without a doubt my most annoying skin concern is my pigmentation which never really goes away and always gets a lot more noticeable over summer. If ever anyone suggests a product that will help to minimise pigmentation I’m always eager to put it to the test. I’ve always thought that only microdermabrasion and regular peels really work on lightening my discolouration. I hadn’t come across a skincare system that can deliver similar results on a day to day basis until now. Over the past fortnight I’ve been using the complete Elucent Whitening range, a complete set of products to maintain bright, even toned skin and lighten and reduce pigmentation.

I have the whole range – Day Cream, Night Cream, Cleanser, Eye Cream, Spot Corrector and Hand Cream and although its only been two weeks I can already tell I’m onto a winner. My skin has more glow, the skin surface is refreshed and dewey and looks moisturised and plump. And most importantly my pigmentation has lightened and will continue to lighten as I carry on using the Elucent Whitening system.

Each individual product within the range has it’s own specific purpose, and by using all the products in the range as a step by step process you get an overall whitening brightening effect. For example the cleanser -cleanses and exfoliates, the day cream locks in moisture and protects the skin from UV rays, the spot corrector targets dark pigmentation and evens out the skin tone, and the night cream repairs and replenishes while also targeting discolouration. So by using all the products together you are giving yourself the best chance of serious results.


The Elucent Whitening range also boasts some fantastic ingredients including Emblica Fruit Extract, Vitamin C (always a favourite of mine!), Vitamin E, Safflower Seed Oil, and Vitamin B3.

The Night Moisturiser $49.99  is to die for! With a light floral fragrance this cream is super hydrating and leaves the skin looking and feeling full with moisture. I just love this one… And the Eye Cream $49.99 is smooth and silky and just plumps up all those fine lines around the eye leaving you with a refreshed and energised feeling.

It is important when using these products (which are essentially sloughing off dead skin cells to clear away the uneven pigmented cells) that you remember sun protection is imperative! If you fail to protect your skin from  the UV rays your skin may actually hyper pigment (pigment even darker) which is exactly the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. So remember the sunscreen!

If pigmentation and uneven skin tone are a concern to you,  you could potentially save on expensive salon treatments by treating the problem day to day with a skin care range that is tailored to give you the whitest, brightest and most radiant complexion.

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Elucent is stocked exclusively at Chemist Warehouse and My Chemist. To buy online click HERE

Elucent Whitening Cleanser $29.99

Elucent Spot Correcter $49.99

Elucent Day Moisturiser $49.99

Elucent Night Moisturiser $49.99

Elucent Eye Cream $49.99

Elucent Hand Cream $24.99