Eco-friendly Beauty Tools You Should Know About

As the world continues to advocate for the environment, the beauty industry is ramping up its involvement to be eco-conscious and offer us picky consumers more options that are friendly to the environment. It’s a beautiful thing!

There’s a number of brands who have converted to or are in the process of switching to recyclable packaging, removing harmful chemicals from their products and taking a look at the way they run their production facilities to produce less carbon emissions and plastic waste.

So to continue the great work, we’ve rounded up the beauty tools you need to add to your collection to go green and help out the planet.

Santé By Enjo Makeup Removers

These makeup removal pads are great for two reasons. The first, they’re easily reusable. You just pop them in the wash at the end of the week and they’re ready to go again. You can repeat the cycle for up to three years! Say good-bye to wasteful cotton makeup removal pads! The second, you don’t need to use any product with them to remove your makeup meaning no chemicals going onto your skin or making their way down the drains and into our water systems. They’re made from super fine fibres that gently buff away your makeup to leave your skin clean and fresh and I can tell you that they work wonders on even the most long-lasting foundations.

Eco Tools Makeup Brushes

Eco Tools boasts a huge range of eco-friendly tools that are supremely functional and affordable. You can pick up everything from hairbrushes, body brushes, makeup brushes and sponges and even spa tools. Their range is 100% cruelty free and the handles of their brushes are made from bamboo rather than plastic. The bristles are still as soft as you could ever need and they perform just as beautifully as high-end brushes.

Organyc Cotton Beauty Buds

You probably use cotton buds more than you think and those little plastic stems add up quickly when being sent to landfill. Perfect for mascara and eyeliner touch-ups, Organyc have created an eco-friendly option that’s affordable and great for reducing your eco footprint. They’re made with soft, certified organic cotton and the stems of beauty buds are made from recycled cardboard allowing them to be re-recycled after use.



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Photo: Thom Kerr

Make-Up: Bonnie G Oz Beauty Expert

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