Eat Yourself Sexy- 10 Changes to your Diet to Attain a Sexier, Healthier You


Blake Worrall-Thompson, Celebrity Trainer dishes the health alternatives- small changes you can make to your diet to attain a sexier, healthier Body

1. Change your fruit juice to herbal tea. Despite the media hype around fruit juice being healthy – it really needs to be fruit as a whole (as opposed to juice) for it to be healthy. Packaged juices can contain high amounts of sugar and hidden calories. Eat the fruit rather than drink the juice.

2. Change “fat free / skim free” products to full fat. Full fat contains a much higher level of nutrients than the processed diary products. Not only that but it’ll keep you fuller for longer and PREVENT you from putting on bodyfat.

3. Water, water, water. Aside from herbal tea water is really the only other thing you should be drinking. If there is one golden rule to getting a sexier healthier body it’s getting rid of the “liquid calories”.

4. Can you pronounce it? One of the best ways to determine the quality of packaged food (some healthier foods such as nuts etc can still be packaged) is to look at the ingredients. If you can’t pronounce it don’t eat it.

5. More than 5. When you are looking at the nutrition label how many ingredients are there? As a good rule of thumb the less the better. Ideally less than 5.

6. Change cereal for a protein rich breakfast. Most people who start the day with sugar cereal – there is nothing worse for your waistline than sugar. Try replacing cereal with eggs, not only will it give you MORE energy it’ll also help you get a sexier, leaner, healthier body.

7. How healthy is that cereal? Personally I never recommend cereal to my clients but if you feel that you absolutely MUST have cereal be sure to read the nutrition tables and check out the sugar PER 100 column…. The less sugar the better – and you’ll be surprised how sugary those ‘healthy’ cereals are

8. Change the pasta, rice and breads for the fish and white meat. Firstly carbs are NOT the enemy – processed carbs are…. So for most people that wipes out a large portion of their staple diet. One of the first changes you can make is changing your dinner from processed carbs to clean white meat (and fish) and veggies.

9. Treat yourself. Yes treats are ok, but not every day. My clients can get away with anywhere between 1-3 treats a week and still drop bodyfat. It is dependent on the individual and their lifestyle.

10. Snack with preparation. If you aren’t organised you will find it hard to get the body you want. Chopping up some veggie sticks, organising some hummus dip and a small handful of nuts and packing them in a container will save your health and your body.

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