Dry skin saviour- Palmers Body Lotion

Watching the sunset over Whale Bay NZ with my Palmers in hand!!

As a result of flying and staying in hotel air-conditioning while on holiday my skin has been feeling super dry. You may have seen my post on bathing in the volcanic mud in New Zealand which definitely made my skin feel smooth and look great however it did leave it feeling a little dry. My ‘go to’ body lotion has been my saviour, Palmers Cocoa Butter fragrance free lotion is rich enough to combat my perpetually dry skin yet not too rich that is leaves an annoying reside on the skin. The fragrance free version is a great option for those who want a little less of the trademark Palmers chocolately scent, and while I wouldn’t say it completely fragrance free it is a very mild version of the original cocoa butter scent. Palmers body lotions are a brilliant option for body lotion, fantastic price point and great product making them hard to go past. And if you really aren’t a fan of the cocoa butter scent they do various other varieties including the Olive Lotion, another favourite of mine with a very mild scent, and this month Palmers are launching The Hydrating Gel Lotion and Daily Calming Lotions.This week I have 3 x palmers body lotion packs to give away to 3 lucky readers. Each pack contains one of the The Hydrating Gel Lotion and one of the Daily Calming Lotion valued at $9.95 each.

Palmers Body Lotions retail for around $9.95 each and are available at- Priceline, Target, Kmart, Big W, Price Attack, Hairhouse Warehouse, pharmacies and leading supermarkets.

Ends Wed 21st March 5pm.

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