Does ProActiv really work?

Yes we’ve all seen the ads with the big name celebs, but these days you just can’t believe what you see on TV. The half hour commercials with pop stars who swear by Proactiv make me want to believe it works, but I still find my self wondering ‘ does it REALLY work?’

I decided the truth about Proactiv lies among the consumers, yes all of you who have been convinced by the hype to go out and buy it. I don’t have acne or problem skin so I put the word out for real feedback from friends their boyfriends, family and friends of friends to get real accounts of how Proactiv has worked or not worked for them.

The overall feedback I got was this-

*While some people didn’t like the products for the majority who did Proactiv has been an absolute saviour. Most people who used it have seen dramatic improvements in their skin. With the offer of being able to get your money back if your not satisfied I can’t see why it’s not at least worth a try for acne sufferers.

*These products are strong and can be harsh to some skin types. The products aren’t suitable for extremely sensitive skins but Proactive are cooperative with refunding your money if the products don’t work.

*The Proactiv toner seems to be the strongest product in the range, both people who loved Proactiv and hated it pointed out that the toner can be quite strong and sometimes tingle or leave a burning sensation.

*Proactiv does bleach your towels. The active ingredient Benzyol Peroxide that works so well against acne does have a habit of leaving bleach marks on towels.

Here are 4 accounts from friends who have used Proactiv…

First I’ll start With Hugh a 32 year old boyfriend of a friend-

Why did you first use Proactiv? I first used proactiv after recommendation from a friend for my pimples.

When did you see a change in your skin? I saw a change in my skin almost straight away.. I would say it got worse in the first 2 weeks and then cleared up dramatically.

Do you still use Proactiv? I’m still using ProActiv, although mainly only the cleanser and moisturiser, no need for the recovery cream as skin is clear.

Overall thoughts or opinions on Proactiv?  It has been great to use and the change in my skin has been dramatic. Quite drying on the skin so hoping to come off it eventually and be able to use a less harsh product. I don’t like that you have to be part of a direct debit program to get the products. However you can change the delivery times to suit you which helps.


Ana 34 is a friend of mine and had quite a different experience-

Why did you first use Proactiv? I decided to give it a go as I was getting constant breakouts no matter what time of the month it was, I’ve always been prone to a few spots here and there and sometimes large painful ones which take forever to go.

When did you see a change in your skin? I tried the original ProActiv first but I knew it was probably going to be too strong for my sensitive skin and I was right, I took it back after two days as it was stinging when applying the Step 2 product and my skin starting drying straightaway. They happily switched the product (at Westfield) over to the Sensitive range, which I used daily but not as much product as stated on their instructions, for about a week. My skin dried out so much around my chin and mouth and sides of my nose it was flakey and sore and quite red and patchy. I took the product back for a full refund and wouldn’t use it again as the chemical is just too harsh for me.

Are you still using it? No haven’t used for about 8 months now

What are your overall thoughts/opinions on Proactiv? The chemical is too strong, the bleach in it takes the colour out of towels! Big dollar advertising to promote a product which still isn’t right for sensitive skins.

Lonia is 18 she is also a friend of mine-
Why did you first use ProActiv? I had very bad acne, I was waiting for an appointment to go see a skin specialist but was unable to get an appointment for a very long time. I was waiting to go on a very high dose acne medication.
Did you see a change in your skin? Yes, my skin now only gets a few pimples every now and then.
How long did it take to see a change? From memory I could see a difference in the first month, after a couple of weeks my acne was already looking less red.
Are you still using ProActiv? Yes, I use it everyday.
What are your overall thoughts/ opinions on ProActiv? These products have dramatically improved my skin, I now only get a few pimples now and then, unlike before where it was classified as almost cystic. I was able to cancel my appointment with the skin specialist and didn’t have to go on the acne medication.

And next Ally 14-

Why did you first use Proactiv? My skin was really bad with spots and breakouts.

When could you see a change in your skin? It took 3 weeks to works  on the spots however I couldn’t use the toner as it was too strong and was burning my skin.

Do you still use Proactiv? Yes I’m still using it I think it’s really good and has made an improvement to my skin.


To Purchase Proactiv CLICK HERE. Prices start from $29.95 plus postage.