Do You Need Eye Cream?

People often ask me whether a specific eye cream is necessary.

If you ever worry about fine lines, dark circles or puffiness then YES you should definitely invest in a good eye cream.

When most people complain about fine lines they’re usually referring to the lines around their eyes. The eyes are a hotspot of perception and have the ability to make someone look fresh and well,  or on the other hand look tired, weathered and prematurely aged.

It’s true that giving the eye area a little extra TLC with is a great step toward preventing the signs of ageing. So here is everything you need to know about treating and preventing fine lines along with a few of my product recommendations from Olay (below).

Why Should I Use An Eye Cream?
Firstly, skin around the eyes is indeed different to the rest of the face. The skin around the eyes doesn’t contain oil glands, therefore the eye area is more prone to being dry, and we all know the drier the skin is, the more severe fine lines will look. The eye area is also thinner skin, more prone to allergic reactions and it’s more delicate.

Secondly, the skin in that area gets a workout!! Every time you smile, squint, or open your eyes widely you’re working the tiny facial muscles around the eyes.

What is The Best Way To Reduce and Prevent Fine Lines Around The Eye?

*Exfoliate. Find a great enzyme exfoliant to use on your entire face and also apply it to the crows feet area. This will gently remove dead skin build-up and minimise the look of fine lines. The more dead skin build-up you have, the more severe your fine lines will look.

*Use a suitable eye cream. There are many eye creams on the market to suit each different eye concern- lines, puffiness, dark circles etc. Choose one that suits your concern and you should see improvements.

*Always use an SPF when heading outside. Sun exposure is one of the main accelerants of ageing. It speeds up oxidation which breaks down the quality of the skin and causes premature ageing.

How is Eye Cream Different to Moisturiser?

Eye cream is usually richer than your everyday moisturiser. It will generally contain a slightly more potent dose of the nutrients and vitamins that will benefit the eye area. The consistency of eye cream is usually thicker to enable it to nourish the drier skin and to better stick to the moving/mobile skin.

My Recommendation….

Olay is a great place to start. They have an eye cream to address every concern, with quality ingredients at a reasonable price.

Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream – $48.99 This cream is a bit of an all-rounder. If you’re concerned with wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles then this one is for you. It contains Niacinamide, Glycerin and Penta-Peptide, and emollients to create smoother skin and prevent premature ageing.

Olay Eyes Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment – $48.99 With a rich blend of Vitamin B3 and arguably the best wrinkle fighting ingredient known to man- retinol, this one is for those concerned with the severity of their fine lines. Retinol works to resurface the skin, which will minimise and prevent fine lines.

Olay Eyes Illuminating Eye Cream– $48.99 This eye cream is for the dark circle sufferer. It contains N-acetyl glucosamine which reduces the production of melanin (darkness). It also contains mica which reflects light and illuminates the area, making darkness less visible.








Photo: Thom Kerr

Make-up: Bonnie G- Oz Beauty Expert

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Hair: Iggy Rosales