Dietlicious- Kickstart Diet


Before my recent month in the tropics I was focused on shedding a couple of kilos and getting my diet up to scratch health wise. I decided to do a 7 day kickstart 1200 calorie per day diet with Dietlicious. The main point of difference between Dietlicious and other meal plans is that not only are your meals carefully planned and designed to your needs but they are gourmet meals prepared for you by a renowned chef with a michelin star background. This means that as well as helping to achieve weight loss and health goals you get to enjoy some really amazing tasty food at the same time.

If you hope to shed a few kilos before summer, or even just to fine tune your diet with some healthier meal options Dietlicious offers just this by delivering to your door gourmet meals that are not only really tasty but also portioned and calorie controlled for about $33 per day. It isn’t just for people wanting to shed weight either, Dietlicious is a perfect option for time poor busy people with all meals requiring minimal reheating/cooking or preparation. It is also a great learning experience for people who want to learn what healthy portion size is and to train you into healthy eating habits.

After my 7 day kickstart was up I’d shed 1.5kg and was feeling great. The main thing Dietlicious taught me was what portion size I should be aiming for to maintain my goal weight, I have that habit of eating way too much at meal time…

There are multiple meal plan  with a choice of 1200 calorie, 1500 calorie, 1800 calorie and Cleanse, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options. Each plan is flexible and you can mix and match different meals to your own tastes. Below is a sample of my weeks plan

Day 1

GF Muesli w berries + amaranth

Matriciana sauce w penne

Arabian beef + carrots w honey

Day 2

Honey, vanilla + 5 seed porridge

Chicken caccatorie w quinoa

Lemon veal + broccoli w garlic oil

Day 3

Muesli w cranberry

Texan beef wrap

Chicken + yoghurt curry w stir fry vegetables

Day 4

Rye toast w hummus tomato

Spinach chana dhal w basmati rice

Lamb ratatouille w green vegtables

Day 5

Breakfast beans w organic multi-grain toastHoney chicken w noodlesSalmon w chermoula + vegetable ratatouille

Day 6

Fruit toast w raspberry jam

Risotto provencale w tuna

Greek lamb w sumac + chickpea + kumera

Day 7

Yoghurt w toasted muesli

Chicken + almond wrap

Ocean trout w olive crust + vegetable ratatouille