Did Someone Say Lip-gloss?

Can we all please say welcome back to the trend that is now bigger than ever… lip-gloss!!

A few years a go, lip-gloss was my worst nightmare. Although I loved the look of it, it was such a pain to wear. Let me tell you – long hair and lip-gloss do not make a good pair.

Now I can say a big thank you to the new innovative formulas that have been created which give you the gloss without the tackiness and mess.

Lip-gloss is the perfect finish to any makeup look, leaving your lips looking supple and super luscious. It adds that extra dewiness to any makeup look.

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I generally like to coat lip-gloss over a matte liquid lip or lipstick on special occasions such as a dinner or a night out.

For an everyday wear, I like to coat a nude, clear or baby pink toned gloss straight onto my lips, just to add that extra shine. It honestly amps up any look, with little to no effort.

Another major plus about the return of the lip-gloss is that they are generally a lot cheaper than a lipstick or liquid lip (obviously depending on the brand).

The varieties of lip-glosses that are available are endless, with glosses such as metallic and glitter infused; there is a gloss out there for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? I know that inner child of you who loved lip-gloss is dying to try the new and definitely improved formulas.

Here are some lip-glosses I am LOVING at the moment:


NYX Intense Butter Gloss, $9.95
Shade: Fortune Cookie


Urban Decay Revolution High Colour Lip Gloss, $36.00
Shade: Punch Drunk


Rimmel Oh My Gloss, $10.00
Shade: Crystal Clear