DETOX- the word on everyone’s mind….

Be honest- who’s been thinking about a post new year diet or detox? I know I certainly have been!

Although I still did the odd bit of exercise over the break, I definitely ate enough food to feed 3 people for a month! And its not just the extra couple kg’s that i want to shed. All those glasses of wine, cocktails and the occasional vodka cranberry have left me seeing the effects of toxins in my skin and my digestion.

I have set myself a few ground rules for the next month.

* Drink 2 litres of water a day. This is easy, however slightly annoying due to the frequent trips to the toilet!

* A glass of fresh lemon squeezed in warm water each morning. This gets your digestion and metabolism working and flushes out toxins from the day before

* Avoid Processed foods. I am only eating fruit, vegies, rice,  and fresh breads and pasta without preservatives. I am however keeping sunday as my guilt free day, I can eat whatever I want! (only 3 more sleeps hehe…)

* Limit alcohol to the weekends, and keep it to a moderate amount (2-3 standard drinks). I’m doing 5 alcohol free days a week, but I think even setting yourself a limit 3 alcohol free days a week is a start.

* Exercise 4-5 times a week for 1 hr.

I have also been doing the Body For Women protein diet. This involves having protein shakes as 2 meal replacements per day. I’m going to do it for 2 weeks, just to help with the initial trim down and toning. I’ve used the Body for Women Diet just before christmas too, the key factor in this diet is protein, a vital nutrient which helps you burn fat more efficiently as well as improve hair, skin and nails. Body For women is a powder that you mix with milk or water, it was designed for busy women who are also health conscious. It’s high in protein and low in carbs and it doesnt give you bulky muscles, it just helps maintain a healthy toned figure.

I have replaced breakfast and lunch with the shakes. At first it was hard saying goodbye to my peanut butter and toast in the morning, but after the first day I actually enjoyed it because it was making me feel good. They taste good and they are actually quite fillling. Body for Women also allow you to have snacks in their diet, they have a range of high protien low carb snacks. These snacks made me feel like I was cheating! The first ones I had were the Low Carb bites, they taste like chocolate and caramel! Really they don’t taste like diet food at all!  I ‘ve been allowing myself to have 2 snacks a day but find I only really need one.

When I did the diet for 2 weeks in Dec I lost about 1 kg a week, and fingers crossed I can do it again this time. Body For Women costs $34.95 for about a months supply, its available at Coles or online here

Another tip is filling your diet with some of the best detox foods which include Avocado, Goji Berries, Chillies, Lemon and Pomegranate. Check out this great guide to the top 40 detox foods.