Cutting Edge Perth Skin Treatment

For those of you who think it’s time to improve your skin, whether it be reducing sun damage, pigmentation, skin firmness or fine lines we’ve found an amazing Perth based treatment for you.

The Extreme Skin Workout is a breakthrough treatment developed by multi-award winning Dermal Therapist, Kim Tran. The Extreme Skin Workout, also known as ‘ESWO’ is available exclusively at Kim Tran’s North Perth clinic La Belle Peau Skincare where Kim has such a good reputation that she has several clients, including celebrities who fly in from out of state specifically to be treated by her. She also has a VIP room being constructed with a seperate private entry for her celebrity clients!

The Extreme Skin Work Out™ comprises of five customised paramedical strength treatments to target common skin complaints, performed in one single sitting. Each ESWO treatment takes 2-3 hours to complete and includes the following-

  • An initial consultation and analysis to determine if the client is a good candidate.
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells.
  • A customised peel to decongest and cleanse the skin.
  • Cryobroadlight to reduce facial hair, lighten pigmentation and treat broken capillaries.
  • Direct skin needling therapy to stimulate collagen production. After this treatment a clients skin will continue to produce collagen for 2 years as a result of direct skin needling.
  • A hyaluronic peptide mask to hydrate the skin and feed it powerful anti-ageing and healing nutrients.

This goes against the traditional one-appointment, one-treatment approach and is designed specifically for busy clients who want extraordinary results. Think of it like a three hour cardio session for your skin!

Visible results after just one sitting include the shrinking of open pores, reduction in lines and wrinkles, increased skin firmness, reduced pigmentation, improvement in textural problems and decreased redness.

I got to experience the treatment first hand, I have the type of pigmentation that will never go away- its a combination of hormonal and sun damage. Kim’s method is to reduce its appearance, and then maintain it with the right skin care products, and treatments every couple of months such as a peel. Because lasers aren’t legal in WA for beauty salons to use, this treatment is a fantastic way to treat pigmentation effectively, with similar results as Fraxel.

Kim first analysed my skin, and the different depths of my pigmentation so that she could effectively treat it. She knew exactly which areas to focus on.


My before and after images were only 2.5 weeks apart and what a huge difference!

BEFORE                                                                                              AFTER
The Extreme Skin Workout significantly reduced my pigmentation. It appeared much lighter and my pores also appeared more refined and my skin more radiant.
Kim was so lovely, professional and very educated on skincare. She uses state of the art technology and is often privy to new treatments, products and equipment before the rest of the country. And the good news is she has plans to expand to the east coast in the near future too.
To Conact La Belle Peau or to book a consultation with Kim Tran click HERE.
La Belle Peau
478 Fitzgerald St
North Perth
PH: (08) 6361 1500
Written by Kitty Allan