Could You Pull Off a Pixie Cut?

Next Top Model has always been a favourite show of mine for one simple reason: the makeover episode. Seeing the girls all line up awaiting their makeover fate, each secretly praying they won’t be getting the dreaded pixie cut makes for great television. They all play ‘the cool girl’ at first, some even hope to draw the ‘short hair’ straw… but it’s always the wannabe Victoria’s Secret model dreaming of a full set of Great Lengths hair extensions that gets the chop. The meltdown that follows is priceless.

Being afraid of a pixie cut is understandable. When you cut off the majority of your hair, there’s no curtain to hide behind if you have a huge zit or have missed your latest eyebrow appointment. You’re on display for the world to see. If short hair doesn’t suit you, your options are limited for at least 18 to 20 months until it grows back.

The good news is that with the right style, a pixie cut can suit anyone. The rule used to be that unless you had a heart or oval shaped face, a pixie cut probably wasn’t for you. Now, thanks to countless A-list celebrities demonstrating just how flattering a pixie cut can be, we know there’s a style for all faces – oval, round, square, diamond, oblong, pear and rectangle. For example, if you have a round face you should look to Ginnifer Goodwin for inspiration. Round faces need more volume on top to balance out the look. If you have a long face or larger forehead, you’ll want to go for a pixie cut with a side swept fringe.

Aside from tailoring the initial cut to suit your face, you can experiment with different styling products to create a look you love. Although you’ll spend a lot less time on your hair, you will still have to use some product to style it. If you have short hair, products that add texture are your best friend. Try AMERICAN CREW Molding Clay ($41) or JOICO Matte Grip Texture Crème ($20). Spraying a small amount of sea salt spray on dry hair can add texture to hair that’s too clean and soft. Try LUSH Sea Spray ($14).

If you’re serious about getting the chop I suggest you do your research and figure out exactly what you want before heading to the hairdresser. Always book an initial consultation separate to actually getting the cut so that you can speak with an expert and sleep on it. You should have at least one Pinterest board dedicated to the cut before making the appointment.

A pixie cut is a huge commitment, but you’re in good company: Rihanna, Michelle Williams, Victoria Beckham, Anne Hathaway, Ruby Rose, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence. If you’re still unsure, just think of all the time you will save by not blow drying your hair.

Bottom line: If it’s good enough for Bad Gal RiRi, it’s good enough for me.

Written by Sophie Howe.