Could Good Teeth Make You Look 7 Years Younger?

Easy-Natural-Ways-to-the-Perfect-Smile-from-Dr.-OzMost women think of lines and wrinkles as being the main indicators of age but a recent study has shown that making an improvement in your smile to have straight healthy looking teeth can make you look on average 7 years younger!!

Over 1,000 participants were asked to list 5 common aging concerns in order of impact. Initially participants listed teeth/smile to have the least impact on age… that is until they saw the next set of images. After seeing these images of people with a corrected and improved smile/teeth a whopping 94% of participants changed their mind and moved smile/teeth far up the list. It even outranked lines and wrinkles as the main indicator of age!

On average the study showed that people’s perceived aged dropped on average by 7 years after they had corrected their smile and teeth.

Like me, many would cringe at the thought of having to have braces in adulthood and luckily their is a brilliant alternative that is almost undetectable and invisible.

Invisalign is a series of clear lightweight aligners that are worn on the teeth and gradually over time correct the smile and move the teeth to their desired position, just as braces do. After a consult with my dentist Dr Yassmin he suggested that Invisalign could offer a significant improvement in my teeth by straightening them and moving them into a better position. This method of improving my teeth suited me perfectly, aside from being really effective I can remove my Invisalign when I eat and best of all they are pretty much invisible.  I’m currently up to aligner 7 out of 30, so far I can see slight changes to my teeth and a few are obviously more ‘upright’ than they used to be. I change aligners every 10 days. When I’ve finished all 30 of my aligners in 2015 my smile will be fuller, my teeth straighter and less gappy… and honestly I can’t wait!

Invisalign are custom made for each client and when Dr Yassmin does the scans in order to create your personal set of Invisalign they also make a short 3D video of how your smile and teeth sit now, and how they will look when you’re finished. It’s so exciting to see your teeth transform into the perfect smile !

I’ve always been a ‘closed mouth’ smiler, and I wasn’t consciously aware that it was because of my teeth but I just never liked the look of my teeth when I smiled. Slowly but surely thanks to Dr Yassmin I’m on my way to a fuller, healthier and hopefully ‘open mouthed’ smile… oh and here’s to hoping I also look 7 years younger!!

Take a look at these stars who put their money where their mouth is and improved their smile… What an AMAZING difference!!!

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