Colour Outside the Lines – Trend Alert

Some call it lazy, I call it genius.

We’re all constantly trying to streamline our morning routines to be able to savour every possible minute of lying in bed with the morning sun streaming through the window. This is probably the same reason that a winged eyeliner look, no matter how universally flattering it is, isn’t a regular inclusion in the average woman’s morning routine.

I have forever struggled with eyeliner. For starters, my eye shape doesn’t really lend itself to it and then there’s my inability to apply it. Between getting my line the right thickness and making sure both sides are even, I’m just a mess. That’s why I’m so smitten with this new beauty trend.

It calls for using eyeliner, the brighter the colour the better (think reds, oranges, blues) and applying it anywhere but neatly along your lid (see images for endless inspiration!). My one tip before you get going though, is to use a really good quality eye primer or shadow base to avoid a smudgy mess.

It’s a fun approach to makeup, easy to apply and a really unique look that you can totally personalise to best flatter your individual eye shape. I first saw it in person on a co-worker who opted for a subtle peach line in the crease of her eyelid that perfectly complimented her tanned tan and the tint of orange in her natural hair. From a distance, you wouldn’t really know it was there but once I’d noticed it, I couldn’t stop admiring the summery look.

Whether it’s a bright red line underneath the brow, a thick geometric block across the lid or a detached wing in a bright blue, this trend really is something that everyone can experiment with. Best part is, it takes zero skill to master.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Image via @beasweetbeauty

Image via @katiejanehughes