Clean hair without washing…. Cheat with Dry Shampoo

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this stuff sooner! I’d never used dry shampoo before but when I did it was a god send! When your hair is looking a little greasy at the roots and you don’t have time to wash it just spray a little dry shampoo in and voila! Clean non-greasy hair in a flash.

I’ve been using Bastiste dry Shampoo, it works by spraying a waterless formula into the hair which absorbs and dirt and oil. You then brush or just tousle with your fingers and the dirt falls out. It’s great for gym regulars because it removes post work out oil from the hair without having to wash. And if you often get greasy roots this stuff is a must have! I know I often don’t have time to wash my hair and I would usually just tie it all up until i get time to wash it, but with dry shampoo I can get it clean without having to wash it every day.

Bastiste dry Shampoo is $9.95, and is available from Big W, Coles, 7Eleven, Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy, David Jones, Target, Terry White Chemist, My Chemist, Chemist Warehouse Discount Drug Stores and leading pharmacies, nationally.