Christmas Gift Guide- Love your tan and your skin!

Save your skin from the sun over the festive season and ensure that you slip, slop, slap whenever you are heading outdoors. There is no healthier tan than one from a bottle, fake tans help you avoid permanent skin damage, premature ageing, sunburn and of course skin cancer caused by the sun.

There is a plethora of self-tanning products on the market and when shopping around the most important thing to look out for is a tan with a natural looking colour. We have all seen cases of the oompa-loompas and its something we’d all rather avoid!

Loving Tan is a beautiful tanning mousse, it’s easily applied and best of all it develops in two hours. The colour is rich and develops beautifully into a natural olive colour. I also noticed that tell-tale fake tan ‘smell’ was absent, which means this tan ticks all the boxes in my book. My skin looked great and didn’t feel dry either.

The other thing I loved from Loving Tan was the Easy To Reach Back Applicator. A truly novel idea, designed to easily get to those hard to reach back areas and ensure your tan is even from head to toe. Cleverly designed to fold up and store, this applicator is the perfect tanning tool.

Both products would make great gifts for any natural tan lover!

Loving Tan Express Mousse Tan is $34.99 and available HERE.

Easy To Reach Back Applicator from Loving Tan is $19.99 and available HERE.