Celeb Beauty Brands – are they as good as ‘real’ make up brands?

If I didn’t know any better, you’d think some of our favourite celebs have become cosmetologists over night. Flower by Drew Barrymore, Nuance by Salma Hayek and Honest by Jessica Alba seem to have broken the mould of stereotype celebrity beauty by launching products on the market that are well researched, affordable and packed with powerful ingredients with empowering results.

While even a decade ago, celebs were mainly known for putting their name to a perfume, giving lip service to flowers from their childhood to inspire the range, the latest slew of beauty products on the market have as much brain behind them as marketing or brawn.

Closer to home, Lara Bingle with The Base, Jess Gomes with Equal Beauty and of course, Miranda Kerr with Kora Organics equally promise ethical, highly performing and carefully cultivated formulas to give a boost of beauty and wellness to Australian women who are inspired by their earthy, yet jet-setting lifestyle.

Judging by the awesome feedback these ranges are garnering (both Flower and Nuance have won a slew of awards), celebrities are really investing in their formulas. Perhaps like Victoria Beckham or Kanye in the fashion world, celebs have more to prove, and have the budgets and support teams to go the extra line.
I’m loving the sound of Salma’s Nuance line, inspired by her cosmetologist grandmother who developed homemade beauty recipes, like a ‘witch’ (Salma’s words). As well as weaving that lovely heritage story through the range, this 2011 collaboration with US retailer CVS is a full beauty line made up of over 100 products in four categories; skincare, cosmetics, body and haircare. Each product is formulated with fruit extracts and essentials oils to address every concern, from hydration to anti-aging and beyond.

Model Miranda Kerr’s passion for living a healthy and balanced life clearly inspired KORA Organics, a collection of skincare products that are designed to nourish using the best ingredients out there. The products in the line are made with organic ingredients and are infused with noni extract, an antioxidant-rich fruit derived from the South Pacific that is naturally infused with vitamins and minerals to aid skin’s health.

In 2017, KORA Organics products are produced and manufactured in accordance with COSMOS strict standards and have been previously certified by ECOCERT under the COSMOS standard, which is no mean feat. To top it off, Miranda is also infusing crystals, affirmations and positive vibrations through her range.

Fellow Victoria’s Secret alumni Jess Hart is touting her LUMA make up range, which is available at Priceline and on her site. The Illuminating Highlighter is a massive hit with fellow supermodel friends like Sara Sampaio and is the hero product in this carefully cultivated line by the Aussie model. Inspired by Korean beauty and spy sessions to Parisian pharmacies, LUMA prides itself on being 85% natural, and has had Jess’s close involvement from conception to launch.

Meanwhile, over at The Base, the model previously known as Lara Bingle has created a range that is all about enhancing your inner beauty and providing fuss-free basics that are a seamless addition to any woman’s make up kit if she wants to illuminate, tan and bronze. Lara has made a pretty seamless transition into ‘beauty entrepreneur’ (and Mrs Worthington), largely by swapping out the selfies on her Instagram to a curated feed of beauty influencers that back her chic and pared back aesthetic.

Keeping things equally simple (and uber slick) is Jess Gomes (yep, another model), with her hydrating range called Equal Beauty. She has a focus on more technical ingredients – or at least they sound that way. For instance, the MOISTURE EYE VEIL ‘drink for the eyes’ contains Hydranti-Puff which is a combination of Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract that helps relieve puffiness. Unique AQ3 acts to improve the dermal water transport given to the skin while Acetyl hexapeptide-8 reduces the appearance of fine lines around eye area. Sounds decidedly high tech, which is sometimes exactly how I like my beauty products when they’re coming from someone other than a scientist.

It certainly sounds like celebs are putting a lot of love into their ranges – have you gotten behind some celeb-founded beauty brands?