Caviar For Nails

BYS have recently launched their ‘Caviar for Nails’ collection. This form of nail art involves the nails being covered in caviar like teeny tiny beads. I have a weakness for cool nail art, and especially when it is simple to achieve !

Similar to their ‘Glitter Dust for Nails’ collection, this look is easy to achieve not to mention pretty much mess free! The pack contains a BYS nail polish, a caviar bead pot and a brush. Firstly you paint the nails with a coat of polish, you then follow by dipping each nail into the caviar pot. The caviar then sticks to the polish, you can use the brush to dust off any excess. The collection has a range of colour but I really love mine- ‘Prom Queen’. What do you think?

BYS Caviar for Nails $7.95, so much fun!!!




To Watch a ‘How To’ Video tutorial on ‘Caviar for Nails’ click HERE

Or to watch a SUPER cute Caviar for Nails ‘Manicam’ runway show click HERE

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