Catch The Light With These 5 Highlighters

Highlighters have undeniably been the must-have beauty product as of late. And why wouldn’t they be? They provide that luminous glow that says ‘I’ve run 5kms and drank two litres of water today’ without you even needing to get out the door.

Beyond the healthy look highlighters give you, they’re also great for a fresh and fun party makeup look that is a much needed departure from heavy, matte and harsh beauty. A dusting on the high points of your face, cheekbones, cupids bow, bridge of your nose etc. and you instantly get a lifted and sculpted complexion.

With so many offerings on the market, choosing just one highlighter to add to your beauty bag is impossible. From liquid to powder, gel to cream; you could easily go a lifetime without getting through testing all of the options. I’ve done a little of the hard work for you and have reviewed a few great products below. Keep scrolling!

Pro Tip: Avoid rubbing your highlighters onto your skin, you’ll end up rubbing away your makeup base. Instead, start by tapping a small amount onto your cheekbones and cupids bow and build it up with a few more taps if necessary to avoid the need to blend it back.


  1. Mecca Max Shimmer Shot Illuminating Wand in Pearl


Anything that I can throw in my handbag and easily pull out for touch ups on the go gets my vote. The sleek and functional packaging makes the shimmer shot a breeze to use, just be careful about how much product you’re actually dispensing. One click is always enough! The formula itself blends nicely and gives a light and shimmering glow. The colour has a touch of sparkle to it but not enough to make you feel like you can’t wear it in the daytime.

  1. Hailey Baldwin for Model Co Cosmetics On-The-Glow Cream Highlighter in Bronze

I hadn’t tried a highlighter that wasn’t a pink or opalescent shade before this product and now I’m not sure why. As a champion of fake tan, I found this bronze shade to be way more complimentary to my faux glow than any other highlighter I own. The cream had a balmy and hydrating feel when applying it which gave me the confidence that it wasn’t going to dry out and look like a harsh stripe of shimmer on my cheek later in the day (which it didn’t).

  1. Zoeva Strobe Gel Highlighter in Corona


Beyond the lustworthiness of this shade (it sits perfectly between and flushed pink and sun-kissed bronze hue) the gel formula was a dream. It goes on quite wet and shiny but all it takes is a little light tapping into the skin to create a deliciously dewy glow. It’s the closest I’ve gotten to that “Just finished up at the gym” glow without having to actually go to the gym.

  1. Too Face Love Light Prismatic Highlighter in Blinded By Light


I’m partial to very dry skin in winter so tend to avoid excessively using powdered products. For a shimmer as pretty as this one though, I was more than happy to dust it across my cheekbones. I found it to be really subtle so you may need to do a little building to get a really strong glow but don’t fear, it blends and builds really nicely. Unlike other powdered highlighters, it doesn’t become cakey and glittering when you layer it.


  1. Benefit Dandelion Twinkle Powder Highlighter


If you’re looking for a light glow you can use all over, this is your product. It’s a really pretty pink colour and the fine powder is subtle but buildable. It’s a tad more glittering than I would usually use as a highlight on my cheeks but it looked a dream lightly dusted across my collarbone before a night out.

By Jessica Frost