Can you fake a salon result at home?

I admit it, I’m on the look out for some ways to save time and even trim the beauty budget where necessary.
As a die-hard fan of DIY (make-up tutorials are my best friend), I’ve been excited to try some new beauty drops that can help me get a groomed, “spent hours at the salon” appearance without leaving my bathroom.
So, which products made the grade?


I sometimes, just can’t be bothered getting a spray tan. While the result is usually impeccable, sometimes I am just too lazy (or busy) to get all naked and and misted by a perfect stranger. But how do I get them pins out at that summer party, without looking paler than bark (or orange and streaky through a failed faux-tan attempt myself).

The solution was Skinny Tan Seven Day Tanner. Coming equipped with a nifty, velvety tanning glove, the fragrant and rich chocolate colour applies smoothly and effortlessly. I slather my whole body in under 2 minutes and pop on my frock with minimal drying time. Two hours later, I am golden and glowy, with a scent that doesn’t repel social company.

I looove the look of false lashes. Who doesn’t?! However, I just don’t have the patience to lie there for over an hour to get extensions. The solution? Temporary falsies!

The go-to product at OzBeautyExpert is 1000HOUR lashes. I absolutely adore the texture and variety in length and thickness this range offers, however I struggle to apply them. The solution? Practice, practice, practice, or get your pack over to your nearest beauty counter and ask them nicely if they’ll do it for you.

The result is always gorgeous, open and striking peepers – and a durable, amazing alternative to often damaging extensions. 1000Hour false lashes are waterproof and can last, once applied, for up to 3 days!


Professional salons are ripe with sophisticated treatments to break down and treat cellulite… but sadly then can cost in the thousands of dollars once you’re done with your course of treatments.

However, this device allows you to bring salon-grade technology home, using an activated gel designed to break down fat cells alongside a galvanic current for deep penetration. The result is pretty amazing, with a noticeably smoother appearance within weeks, and an instant reduction in cm’s. This is actually pretty good, provided you remember to use it for 5-20 minutes, three times a week. Getting a slimmer silhouette in the comfort of your own home, for a fraction of the price? I’m in.



We love the enduring, glossy quality of shellac, but it can also do damage to your nails. Whether you don’t have time to get to the salon, or love the therapeutic trance of painting your nails yourself, look no further than OPI Infinite Shine Packs. Boasting a primer, long-wear lacquer and gloss, your nails will look luminous, healthy and chip-free. If you find yourself doing your own nails, this is the only set you need.

Blow Dry

Straighteners are great, but nothing gives you bouncy, glossy locks quite like a salon blow-dry. However it can be tricky to get that well-honed hair dresser dexterity that gives those flicks, especially to the back of the head.

The solution is the VS Sassoon Big Hair 1000 – a hot air styling brush which rotates on command to recreate that practiced hairdresser motion. Taking only 15 minutes to do my whole head, I had the volume and movement to rival any salon blow-dry, with minimal frizz.