Can these products plump your lips better than fillers?

While the current trend towards injectables can sometimes border on the extreme, I understand the appeal for a plumper pout – a study by Manchester university confirmed that a woman’s lips are the most attractive part of her body (double that if she’s wearing red lipstick). Further, according to Dr Marisa Coen in her essay for The Science of Relationships, fuller lips have long been desired.

But if injectables aren’t quite your thing, and you aren’t quite ready to daily overdraw your lips with liner, there’s a growing range of products on the market that promise to plump and prime your pout (almost) as good as a trip to the clinic.
How do they work? By having an either ‘irritating’ or vasodilating effect, which increases blood flow to give your lips more volume.

At Oz Beauty Expert, we just had to test a few and give you our honest low down of how well the most popular brands on the market work in the pursuit of that perfect pout. When with these new plumping products on the market, any woman can have the pulling (and pouting) power of a confident lip.


Upon application, this super-hydrating lip serum makes my lips pillowy, plump and smooth. Rather than making my lips bigger, it gave a healthy-looking finish, resembling a nourishing mask for the mouth. The serum doesn’t tingle and gives a plumping effect with a lovely, creamy smoothness that’s welcome to a chapped post-winter pout.

This hyaluronic acid moisturises, so treat this one like a luxurious lip balm with a non-sticky finish. Wear it naked or prep your lips with an even base before applying lipstick.

Perfect for – fuller lips that need a boost

freezeframe® LIP INJECTION

When something tingles, it means it works, right? freezeframe® LIP INJECTION is touted as a treatment to plump and remove fine lines over 28 days, with micronised hyaluronic acid spheres that swell and expand in the lips.

What’s interesting about this technology is that it doesn’t just temporarily irritate the lips to achieve a plumping effect. Rather, these micronised hyaluronic acid spheres reach the underlying tissue in a micronised form where they swell and expand in the lips up to 1000 times their dehydrated size. In fact, the very same ingredient used in injectable lip volumisers. This exerts pressure in the direction of the surface, plumping lips outwards making them look fuller and younger in just minutes. Win!

This process of pushing and exerting pressure on the surface of the skin, when applied on the fine lines around the mouth, it pushes these out too – dramatically reduced wrinkle appearance that lasts all day. It’s like a fat injection straight into your wrinkles and smokers lines and it’s clinically proven to work –100% of test subjects saw smoother lips in four weeks.

Cleverly packaged to resemble a syringe, the tube has an applicator tip for applying the product directly to lips as well as around the lips to prevent lipstick bleeding.

I didn’t have too many fine lines to begin with, but online forums report back a moderate plumping effect and a reduction in fine lines after a month of use.

Perfect for: age 40+, smokers (tut, tut)


Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker

Out of every lip plumper I’ve sampled – this one has the most ‘burn’. The buzz just builds and builds, until you feel that a bunch of little plumping robots are busy crawling through your lip tissues and blowing them up like a balloon.

The gloss is thick and sticky, which gives a nice lustre to the lips and lasts longer than most lip gloss products – although of course you still need to reapply in a few hours. The formula includes plumping microspheres which increase in volume up to 10x when they come into contact with water. It also uses a special microcirculation-stimulating extract to visibly enhance the volume of the lips.

If you ever wanted to feel a plump, sensuous va-va-voom pout, this product is for you. I would just abstain from kissing so as not to pass on that spice lip tingle to your partner – and don’t go there if you have sensitive skin.

Perfect for – thinner lips that need an injection free-boost.


Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

Also on the extreme end of activation, the Lip Injection Extreme tingled the strongest. It’s so stingy it almost hurts – however, no where NEAR the pain of a needle – more like you’ve overdosed on cinnamon gum.

The premise? A revolutionary lip plumping formula that also hydrates and nourishes, with a rich blend of marine and botanical-based ingredients to invigorate the lips and create a rush of volume to the pout that lasts up to four hours. Marine Sponge adds the appearance of up to 20 percent more volume while moisturising lips, while Avocado and Jojoba Oil smooth and soften the lips in this paraben free and100% cruelty-free product.



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Photo: Jessie English

Hair and Make-up: Bonnie G- Oz Beauty Expert