BROW.GAME.STRONG – 2 x Perfect Brow Video Tutorials

Eyebrows are the one aspect of make-up I get asked for advice about the most. Perfect brows are a hot commodity, and if you don’t bring good brow game, you might as well go home!
So how do you get the perfect brow?
Many of us have thin, over-plucked or patchy brows but with the right products and techniques and a little ‘fake it till you make it’ attitude, you can achieve the perfect looking brow. 
And its not just a “one size fits all” situation either. Yes, the perfect brow is full and natural looking, but there are multiple options- a bushy brushed up look, a statement bold brow, a simple sleek defined brow…. and the list goes on.
I sat down with brow aficionado Hannah Terrett, National Brow Artist for Benefit Cosmetics to create a couple of tutorials on popular brow styles- A natural bushy brow and a bold brow.
If you can nail these popular styles, your brow game will be strong!!! (insert fist emoji here).

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