Brooke O’Keefe- Fashion Icon Shares Her ‘Beauty Favourites’

Brooke O’Keefe is a modern day Fashion Icon. As owner and buyer for  Runway Brooklyn Brooke has combined her love of fashion and Australian Designers and put them both into her renowned online fashion destination. Brooke gives a daily sneak peek into her amazing wardrobe on her blog which has gained her a massive loyal following. On her daily blasts she always looks fab and I was keen to find out her beauty secrets. I  admired her honesty as I chat with her about what goes on in that beauty bag of hers!
How would you describe your daily skin care routine?
I am getting better! I used to be face wipes/supermarket product girl, but my gorgeous friend Tegan got me on to Priori which I am loving. Cleanser, Scrub, Moisturiser and a Skin Renewal Cream- Love it all!
Do you have any beauty secrets or rituals you swear by?
This may generate some negativity, but I’m someone who loves to be totally honest and a little bit of botox never hurt anyone! I’ve tried it and love it, I’ll never look back. Also I’ve become super paranoid about getting too much sun on my face, so a good sunscreen for the face is important too.
What is the most important aspect to you of looking after your skin?
Sun protection and hydration with a good quality moisturiser. My friend Tegan said to me one day “Doll, your face is so dehydrated!”, she could tell that just by looking at me…. Let’s just say that comment made me pull my head in!
Do you have any products you simply couldn’t live without?
I have recently come to love organic cold pressed Coconut Oil. It’s THE BEST body moisturiser you will ever find!
What was your last make-up purchase?
Nars ‘Laguna’ Bronzer. It will forever be in my beauty bag!
How would you describe your ‘everyday’ make-up style?
I like a pretty full coverage, so my daily routine consists of the following-
MAC Studio Fix Foundation, MAC Studio Fix Powder, MAC Select Cover Up Concealer for under eyes, Nars ‘Laguna’ Bronzer, Sportsgirl Blush (I have about six MAC blushes, but I just LOVE this Sporstgirl pinky/bronze Blush), Mascara and MAC lipstick in ‘Blankety’ .
And that’s me five days a week!
 Runway Brooklyn is absolutely worth checking out, it’s an amazing collection of what Australian fashion has to offer.
To keep up to date with what’s going on in Brooke’s wardrobe and for some fashion inspiration checkout her Blog HERE
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